• Snow tyres

    Winter Driving Tips 2022

    Driving in winter can be difficult, and fog frequently makes the dark mornings and evenings more dangerous. It is important to know exactly how to adapt your driving behaviour to suit the weather conditions at the time.

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  • Rubbernecking

    Rubbernecking: The Dangers

    Do you find yourself getting distracted when driving or riding? There is always activity happening around us on the roads. Distractions can occur inside or outside the vehicle, taking our focus away from the road ahead.

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  • The Importance of Good Eye Health

    The importance of good eye health

    What are the implications of poor eyesight and driving? According to official UK government statistics, in 2020, uncorrected or defective vision was a contributory factor in 10 fatal crashes, 56 serious injury crashes and 99 slight injury crashes.

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  • Medication

    How does your health impact your driving and riding?

    Alcohol and drugs aren’t the only things that can impair driving and riding abilities. There are many medical conditions that can make it difficult or dangerous, ranging from eye and vision problems to cognitive conditions that might affect judgement and reactions.

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  • Filtering motorbike

    Motorcycling Safely

    Riding a motorcycle is adventurous and an exhilarating experience. However, the harsh reality is that an average of 6 motorcyclists died and 115 were seriously injured per week in reported road casualties between 2015 to 2020.

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  • driving-on-country-roads

    Driving safely on country lanes

    IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman offers sound safety advice for driving on narrow country lanes in part three of his expert driving tips.

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  • drink distraction V2

    How often are you distracted while driving?

    A recent IAM RoadSmart Twitter poll found that just under half (44.4%) of respondents said they find infotainment systems distracting, while 42.1% found other road users distracting. Distractions impair our ability to react quickly and could have serious consequences for you, the driver, other passengers - plus of course other road users and pedestrians. Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions while you’re driving.

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  • Dog in Summer

    Don’t put your pet at risk

    Temperatures across the UK have soared to over 30 degrees this week, and more people are heading out on the roads to enjoy it. We may consider ourselves to be a nation of dog lovers, but it seems we’re still putting our four-legged friends at risk when it comes to travelling in warmer weather.

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  • traffic

    Plan ahead for a stress-free weekend of driving

    Who doesn’t love the idea of hopping into the car and taking to the open road to kick-off our holiday, or for a carefree, weekend trip away. However, with schools about to break-up for the summer and August bank holiday weekend just around the corner, you’re unlikely to be the only person planning at least one weekend of driving over the coming weeks, so thinking ahead is a must.

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  • Breakdown

    Don’t ruin your holiday before it’s even started

    Whether you’re staying in the UK, or driving to the airport, before taking your car onto the roads this summer, IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman, has a few top tips to ensuring your journey is a smooth one.

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  • motorbike

    Tips to staying cool this Summer

    Warm, sunny weather and long days make summer an ideal time for motorcycling. But with parts of the UK already seeing temperatures of over 30 degrees, IAM RoadSmart is warning motorcyclists to be prepared before setting off on those summer rides and know how to keep your cool this summer.

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  • FlipFlops

    Avoid the fine in flip flops

    It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to our winter coats and start digging out our summer wardrobe –many of us might start wearing our comfy flip flops once again.

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  • Smart motorways - IAM RoadSmart response

    Evolving road laws

    Road law continues to evolve, and this year we’re seeing some significant changes that will affect millions of Brits. Let’s look at the recent and imminent changes and how they could affect us.

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  • Smashed car window

    Preventing car theft: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    This week it was announced that the number of recorded vehicle thefts in the last 12 months has reached nearly 90,0001. With the majority of police forces around the UK recording an increase in car thefts over the last year, IAM RoadSmart is on hand to give their top tips to help keep your car safe from thieves.

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  • 2

    Travelling on Motorways: Top tips from IAM RoadSmart

    With many of us set to travel over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, IAM RoadSmart are looking at some of the common confusions that drivers and riders face when travelling on UK motorways.

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  • Filtering motorbike

    Filtering Safely on a Motorcycle

    Filtering is the act of overtaking slow moving or stationary traffic by travelling between lanes and it’s completely legal if it is done safely. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding Standards at IAM RoadSmart, is on hand to give his expert advice to filtering safely and helping all road users to know the rules around filtering.

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  • Roadworks

    Know the rules for roadworks

    Roadworks can slow down your journey, cause major disruption and bring havoc to your day. With 6,590 traffic incidents reported on UK roads between 2016 and 2020, navigating the maze of roadworks on our highways has never been more important. IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving and Riding Standards, Richard Gladman, has some top tips to help make navigating them a little bit easier.

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  • spring-1363860011cYo[1]

    Spring into action: Keep that pollen under control

    Pollen is in abundance during springtime, and this is when flowers start to bloom resulting in pollen levels becoming high. To help you to cope better with your hay fever symptoms whilst driving and riding, IAM RoadSmart are on hand with their top tips for hitting the road with hay fever.

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  • Sightseeing

    Driving abroad this Easter

    The Easter break is nearly upon us, and many people will be setting off on that Spring getaway for a chance to unwind. But with airports reporting cancellations and lengthy delays, will you be choosing to take the car?

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  • Open road

    IAM RoadSmart checklist: Before you start the engine

    Welcome to the first in IAM RoadSmart’s new series of expert driving tips from Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman. Over the coming weeks we’ll cover everything from safe motorway driving to how to navigate a single-track road, a steep incline or preparing for driving abroad. This week Richard talks us through what we need to think about before we’ve even left home.

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  • Dog in car

    National Puppy Day: What does the Highway Code say about pets in the car?

    The Highway Code was updated earlier this year to introduce a risk-based hierarchy of road users, which places more responsibility on the drivers of larger vehicles to look after more vulnerable road users. But are pet owners aware of the rule that relates to having four-legged passengers in the car?

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  • Spring web

    Journey into Spring

    The clocks are going forward, which means days will soon be longer than nights for the next six months and dark winter mornings spent scraping the windscreen are now a distant memory. It’s time to dust off your leathers and make sure your motorbike is in tip top condition for the warmer weather ahead, whilst not neglecting your car in the meantime. This week’s tips from IAM RoadSmart will help you prepare yourself and your motor for those brighter days ahead.

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  • Dont Drive Tired

    Don't Drive or Ride Tired

    While driving and riding when tired isn't in the top fatal five causes of crashes it has a huge impact on your ability to focus and react. Find out the effects and how to combat them. Learn about some tips and countermeasures you could start employing today. From erratic driving behaviours to low tolerance levels and much more.

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  • Towing

    IAM RoadSmart: Tips to towing safely

    Just months after scrapping relevant tests, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is set to introduce training schemes in March 2022 to help drivers familiarise themselves ahead of towing caravans and trailers. IAM RoadSmart is on hand with some top tips to help keep you and others safe on the roads and clarify what has changed.

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  • Petrol

    Helping to lower your fuel consumption

    The ever-fluctuating (and often increasing) cost of fuel is something all motorists would’ve been noticing over the past year, and that’s why IAM RoadSmart has put together their own top tips for driving and riding more eco-friendly, which in turn can help cut the amount of fuel you use.

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  • Asset grab (3)

    A Classic Love Story

    Many people would've found themselves dreaming that one day they would own a classic car. Well, if you ever make that dream a reality, we have some useful advice on how to keep it in tip-top condition that'll be sure to keep that spark alive.

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  • Cyclists

    Sharing the roads with cyclists

    As part of changes to The Highway Code, introduced on 29th January 2022, drivers of vehicles that can cause the greatest harm in the event of a collision now bear the greatest responsibility. This new hierarchy of road users sees cyclists ranked second alongside horse riders, so IAM RoadSmart is on hand to offer expert advice on how best to share the road with cyclists – whilst keeping yourself and others safe.

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  • Highway Code Changes Rule H2

    The Highway Code – what’s set to change?

    The Highway Code is set to change on the 29th January, with eight new rules being introduced as well as 49 revisions to existing rules. Among the changes is a new ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’ that will prioritise vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, over larger motorised vehicles.

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  • car seat

    Keeping your children safe on every journey

    Natalie from Car Seat Ninja, a mum of four who’s on a mission to provide comprehensive car seat advice and a retail service, is offering her years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help every parent and guardian to keep their child safe on every journey.

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  • Tyre

    Check before you travel

    Winter tends to bring with it difficult driving and riding conditions, so now is a good time to remind ourselves how to drive safely when the temperature drops below zero whilst ensuring our tyres are up to scratch. With freezing conditions expected this week, it’s time to take extra care when travelling on the roads.

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  • Car park

    Stress-free parking this Christmas

    Christmas shopping can be the perfect way to start the festivities this season, and with some well thought out plans it shouldn’t break the bank to park.

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  • Snow tyres

    Winter driving tips

    In 2020, over 18,000 accidents were reported across the UK where rain, snow, fog, or high winds were a contributing factor. More severe road traffic accidents are happening in winter due to motorists being unprepared for driving in winter weather and ignoring weather warnings, and IAM RoadSmart believes now is the time to remind drivers how to drive safely when the temperature drops, and the daylight hours get shorter.

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  • Passengers

    How to have a greener Christmas

    Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the planet. With a little imagination and planning you can have all the festive fun without the footprint.

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  • Christmas

    Reducing stress this Christmas

    Stress is something everyone feels at times, and there are all kinds of stressful situations that can be a part of daily life. Christmas is a time of year that can add additional stresses to our lives so it’s very important to monitor and pay attention for your wellbeing – after all, mental health doesn’t take time off at Christmas.

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  • Washing motorbike

    Preparing your bike for winter

    With the arrival of colder and wetter weather, most riders decide now is the time to hang up their helmets and stop using their bike throughout winter. However, it isn’t as simple of just not riding a motorbike, that's why IAM RoadSmart has pulled together some top tips on how to store your motorcycle safely.

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  • EV charging station

    Charging up across the UK

    As part of a Ten-point plan to support its net zero goals to 2050, the UK government announced a plan to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onwards. But is the UK’s charging infrastructure ready?

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  • 608057421_1280x720satnav hero image

    The big skills refresher

    As an IAM RoadSmart poll revealed reduced levels of confidence among non-advanced riders and drivers, Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving and Riding Standards, shares the essential skills everyone needs for staying sharp and keeping safe.

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  • Breakdown

    Avoid any horror breakdowns

    Breaking down can be dangerous and incredibly inconvenient, particularly if you’re travelling for a family getaway this October half-term. But with 488 miles of England’s motorway network made up of smart motorways and their hard shoulder becoming another lane to ease traffic flow, it’s more important than ever to ensure you can prevent avoidable breakdowns.

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  • ev-charging-station-1

    But what’s the difference? IAM RoadSmart compare BEV, HEV and PHEV

    To help clear up the confusion and compare the differences between BEV's, HEV's and PHEV's available on the market IAM RoadSmart’s Corporate Training Manager, Lloyd Jones, is on hand with his expert advice.

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  • Pedestrians

    Steps to keeping pedestrians safe

    Now that summer is well and truly over and the clocks are reverting by one hour on 31st October, the colder and darker evenings are now drawing in. Statistically we see more incidents involving pedestrians and vulnerable road users from October to March than we do throughout the rest of the year, with most incidents happening between 3pm and 7pm. With this in mind we need to take special care to look out for pedestrians and other road users when it’s dark.

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  • 67785501_2487254027985073_8420293090434088960_n

    My journey with IAM RoadSmart

    "Several years of riding had seen me develop several bad habits that I didn’t know I had. With the help of my Observer supplied by the Herts & Beds Advanced Motorcyclists group (HBAM) I had several sessions out on the road, a few classroom sessions and passed my advanced examination with a F1RST." Tony Smith, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Bike Team Leader.

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  • Classic Car sheet 2

    Advanced driving in classic cars

    I passed my IAM RoadSmart assessment originally in 1992 driving a Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI, which I somehow managed to get as a company car – today this would be regarded as a serious contender for one of the best cars ever made and good examples sell for healthy sums. The classic car market is alive and well, and many hundreds change hands at auctions and on forecourts every month.

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  • Tram Car (2)

    A 25-year tribute to IAM RoadSmart

    Geoffrey Salt, has been an IAM RoadSmart member for 25 years. Keen to share his enthusiasm, and everything he has gained from the experience, he produced a blog. He is proud of each and every one of the associates he's met and trained as he tells us in his own words 'it’s been quite a journey'. It was November 1996 when I was walking around the NEC bike show when I spotted the IAM RoadSmart stand. I got chatting to Mike Barker, who happened to be the Chief Observer for my local IAM Derby Group. I explained to him that now that the family had grown up and I’d come back into biking, I felt I needed some additional help to cope with the volume of traffic that had built up over the previous 27 years.

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  • Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 17.38.29

    “Not a track day!” — riding Thruxton on a Zero S

    Once a wartime airfield, the historic Thruxton motor racing circuit prides itself on being among the UK’s longest, at 2.4 miles. Also the fastest — mainly because of the fabulously long and floaty Church Corner, which describes a long arc leading into a super-fast straight and winds up with a chicane just before the pit lane.

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  • managing-overtaking

    Part Two: Highway Code Confusion

    Part two of the Highway Code Confusion includes opening doors without checking, road signs, and more. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving & Riding Standards & Product Development for IAM RoadSmart is on hand with lots of advice and guidance.

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  • Keeping Distance

    Part One: Highway Code Confusion

    Changes to the Highway Code are imminent and one of the changes is to promote Walking and Cycling but how familiar are you with the existing rules and guidance?

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  • Water

    Don’t get overheated. Tips from IAM RoadSmart to stay hydrated to keep your concentration levels high!

    The UK is renown for changeable and unsettled weather conditions. Temperatures might just have decreased to a manageable level, but we are only at the start of the unpredictable British Summer so don’t get caught out – stay hydrated!

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  • accident_two cars

    Get Better Driver Habits Post Lockdown

    IAM RoadSmart is partnering with by Nextbase, the market-leader of in-car technology to get UK motorists back on the road safely this summer.

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  • Angry Driver large

    Don’t get stressed, stay safe and RoadSmart with IAM

    According to a recent survey there are many reasons to get stressed when driving or riding. As traffic gets heavier with the ease of restrictions what are the things that are getting your blood pressure rising? In this article we address the top 10 and how to avoid them, reduce them or prepare for them.

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  • Drink driving

    None for the road – Myths of drink driving

    Did you know that any amount of alcohol can take you over the limit? It varies from person to person due to age, weight, gender, and metabolism. It also depends on type of alcohol, time of day, hydration, and fatigue levels.

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  • Foiling-Motorcycle-Suzuki-Gsx-r-Gixxer-1074948

    The birth of Tel’s tours

    I was chatting the other day about my first ever motorcycle trip to Europe, it was a big adventure being allowed to stay away overnight and spend all day riding around in a group of friends.

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  • accident_two cars

    The blame game

    It certainly seems when it comes to car crashes, if there are no injuries the next most important thing to be decided is … who was to blame?

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  • pexels-photo-191238.jpgdownlaod image

    So just who is ‘The Prince of Darkness?’

    Shaun Cronin, IAM RoadSmart regional service delivery manager (Southern) is a fan of that old rocker Ozzy Osbourne and we all know he really is ‘The Prince of Darkness’. However, back when cars were simple and motorcycles leaked oil, there was another man often referred to by this tag - way before black leather and long hair for men was considered in vogue.

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  • shutterstock_360477146.jpgdownloadiamge

    Riding in the right gear: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Many riders take to roads without realising they are putting themselves in danger, wearing the incorrect clothing. This week’s tips offers advice on clothing to all riders from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • 980128.jpgPplate download image

    Leave sooner, drive slower and live longer: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Many new drivers will take to the road this summer after successfully passing their driving tests. You may have some hiccups along the way and not know how best to cope. Statistics show that the first six months of solo driving are when you are most at risk. This week’s tips give advice to new drivers from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • fuel-gauge.jpgdownload

    Diesel, petrol and power

    Until comparatively recently, buying a diesel car was seen as good for the environment. Choosing diesel was encouraged by government through tax policies and promoted by car makers because it gave a relatively easy route to achieving the carbon reduction targets set by the EU.

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  • Eyesight-Eyewear-Glasses-Spectacles-Eyeglasses-933384.jpg222

    Leave a positive vision behind: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Over time our eyesight deteriorates and previously strong vision can become poor. If eyesight problems are left unaddressed they can often lead to poor reaction times to unexpected hazards or the behaviour of other road users. This week’s tips give advice on eyesight. When riding and driving from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • 4628207318_247x174

    Advanced - the way to go

    In 1984 William Smith, Wilts and Bath Advanced Motorcyclists (WaBAM) advanced rider, as a 30-something callow young man bought a “hot hatch.” and thought he was a brilliant driver, and wanted an IAM RoadSmart red motorist’s badge on the grill, to prove it. Here's his story in our latest blog.

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  • shutterstock_520843249.jpgDOWNLOAD IMAGE

    Rules are rules

    Every year IAM RoadSmart comments on the annual casualty statistics when they are published (usually in June), being pleased when the numbers fall and concerned when they stagnate. This year the publication has been delayed until the full tables are published in the autumn. That makes me suspect the news is not good, but that’s just speculation.

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  • 000010596506Large.jpgDownload image

    Buying a used car: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    You may be a first time car buyer or just in the need for a new ride. This week’s tips offer advice on buying a used car from IAM RoadSmart’s head of technical policy and advice, Tim Shallcross.

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  • Download image2259

    Skyrocketing insurance costs – challenge or opportunity?

    It’s been a bad few weeks for car insurance costs with several stories emerging about record increases in car premiums, up by 11% in the last year according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart’s director of policy and research discusses whether the government can help hard pressed law abiding drivers by urgently reviewing the compensation system.

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  • fashion-man-person-handdownload image

    Farewell to Pistons

    The government has given a signal to the car industry that it wants to end all sales of petrol and diesel only cars by 2040. Technically this is perfectly feasible – it doesn’t exclude hybrid vehicles and the industry has 23 years' notice. Volvo has already committed itself to this as a policy from 2020.

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  • shutterstock_143372317.jpgdownloadimage

    Where kids are number one: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    The summer holidays are here and many families will be packing for success as they set off to enjoy and travel. This week’s tips give advice on driving with children from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • untitled.pngsahj copy.pngDownload image

    Keep calm while driving and riding: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Summer is here in all its glory and with its arrival also comes the arrival of pressure cooker driving conditions. Many drivers will be taking to the road stressed by holiday deadlines, long traffic queues, overheated cars and hot tempered drivers. This week’s tips give advice on dealing with road rage for riders and drivers from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • bicycle-691831_960_720.jpgdownlaod image

    Half the wheels, twice the fun: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Summer is here and many of us will be taking to the streets and country roads with our bicycles to make the most of the sunshine. This week’s tips give advice on sharing the road with cyclists from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • bob bloog 2, 3

    A lifetime on two wheels, mostly sunny side up!

    Retirement means different things to many people. To Bob Griffin, advanced rider of Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclists retiring to Cornwall was going to be the opportunity to take a lifetime’s passion for biking to new heights.

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  • steering-1-download[1]

    Is parking the bigger picture? Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Many of us can find parking and looking for the right spot quite challenging but sometimes we also forget about checking our surroundings when we leave the car. A few simple checks can avoid costly and irritating car park mistakes and make your trip a lot less stressful. This week’s tips give advice on parking from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • pexels-photo.jpgdownloads

    Hydrogen cars: the greatest challenge?

    Today, all sorts of engine technologies are fighting for prominence. There has been major development in battery powered cars, hybrids and plug in hybrids. Diesels have become ever more efficient and cleaner (yes, really) and petrol engines now rival diesel for fuel efficiency, at least on some types of journeys.

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  • untitled.png22

    Drive out and rave on: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    It’s that time of the year to bring out your wellies, rain capes and lose yourself in the music because the summer festival season is here. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving to and from festivals from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • motorcycle-road-trip.jpgdownload image

    If you don’t ride you don’t know: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Finding the time to take a trip abroad can be a challenge but many of us look forward to it. It can be a huge task especially for motorcycle users abroad. This week’s tips give advice on riding abroad from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Sarah Sillars 1 grn_for 2

    The direct approach

    What is the point of being an advocate for change if it is being done behind closed doors? Sometimes you have to be direct and send your message out far and wide to make it succeed. And since our aim is so critical - to help drive down the number of people killed or serious injured on UK roads - this is exactly what IAM RoadSmart is aiming to achieve with our recently published manifesto.

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  • c86a7ed3-a3f3-4c82-8cc8-c15a929eda3f

    TV Tales – The Camera Never Lies…?

    I hope you have noticed IAM RoadSmart on the TV during 2017. We have been very successful in getting our spokespeople onto BBC News and Sky News as spokespeople, and also onto other shows promoting our work as a road safety charity.

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  • horse-1006564_960_720.jpgdownload image

    Hold your horses: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Horses are powerful animals and have extremely heightened senses. They are ‘flight’ animals, so many revert to their natural instincts at any time. The outcome of this can be extremely challenging for the rider and other road users. There have been 2,570 road incidents reported to the British Horse Society in the last six years. Some 38 riders have been killed and 222 horses have died as a result of their injuries. Of these incidents 80% are because vehicle passed too fast or too close to the horse. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving around horses from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Eddie + model.jpgdo

    A driving ambition – Life on the road after strokes

    Edward Ruskin has been fascinated with cars and motorcycles from the age of 17. He took up driving lessons and passed first time and that started it. He had a brilliant driving instructor who luckily gave him some advanced type of training before he had even passed. And he celebrated passing by buying a motorbike (he never seemed to do the normal thing!).

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  • Download image

    Above the influence: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Illegal substances can affect drivers in several ways, making them unfit for the road. But it is not only illegal drugs that we should be wary of. Prescribed or over the counter drugs can have similar negative affect’s on motorists too and driving while impaired by medication could see you banned from using the road. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving with prescribed medication, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • LMS 1  2017 05 04.jpg download image

    IAM RoadSmart at The London Motor Show

    On Thursday 4 May 2017 Eloise Peabody-Rolf, IAM RoadSmart's younger driver ambassador headed up to Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park to the London Motor Show (LMS). As part of the events and activities planned for our 2017 Year of the Observer initiative, our hard working observers, examiners and group officials had been invited to attend a VIP Drinks Reception on the Thursday evening, the LMS’s opening day, and was delighted to be there as part of the IAM RoadSmart team.

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  • 150620-F-GY993-066.jpg-downlaod image

    You booze, you cruise, you lose: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Drunk motorists cause thousands of accidents on UK roads every year. Some 1,380 people were killed or seriously injured when at least one driver was over the limit. This represents a statistically significant rise from 1,310 in 2014. A lot of people may be surprised to learn that accidents occur the most over the summer period. This week’s tips give advice on drink driving, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • car-160622_960_720

    Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    The planet will survive the question is whether we will be here to live and enjoy it. Littering and packing unnecessary weight in our cars are factors that are heavily impacting the environment. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving with for the benefit of the environment, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman

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  • old driver blog

    The Butterfly Effect

    There have been a number of highly publicised incidents involving older drivers in the last few weeks. Although these cases are very tragic, it would be harmful for us as a society to take these incidents, out of proportion. We highlight why.

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  • 608057421_1280x720satnav hero imagedownload image

    Using a Sat Nav: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Satellite navigation systems (sat navs) are a must have these days but many road users fail to use this travel companion in the correct or safe manner. In a recent simulator study looking at a variety of distractions, programming a sat nav had the biggest negative impact on driving standards. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving with a sat navs, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • imagery11IMG_3496bfree

    Times change and so do some practices.

    Sometimes when things change they do so loudly and with a great deal of publicity, with government announcements about policy change, or new laws. We’ve changed all sorts of things, that way – introducing seat belt wearing would be an excellent (if old) example.

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  • download car tyre

    Don’t get too ‘tyred’ … tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Sometimes it seems the roads have it in for us and our tyres can’t cope. If you are like the many that do not have the pleasure of having run flat tyres you may have to experience the ‘fun’ of waiting on the hard shoulder for a breakdown recovery team. This week’s tips give advice on how to change car tyres, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • spring-276014_960_720[1] download image

    Driving with hay fever: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    A sneeze or sniffle has a way of creeping up on you, especially when you least expect it. Hay fever seems to affect many of us. This week’s tips give advice on riding and driving with hay fever, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • fashion-man-person-handdownload image

    The offside rule

    I'm more of a rugby man than football in truth but my true interests are in motorsport and motorcycling in all its various guises. In field sport the offside rule is often discussed and is the subject of numerous video replays each weekend at sporting fixtures.

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  • 2000px-Lplate_svgDownload image

    Driving in the 21st century

    If you didn’t know the Practical Driving test is changing on December 4th 2017. The intention is to make the driving test similar to “real life”. I am sure most of you have heard people say: “you learn to drive after passing your test”. These changes will make the test more realistic to the candidate demonstrating that they are ready to face driving in today’s modern driving conditions.

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  • spring-1363860011cYo[1]download

    Spring is in the air: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    The clocks have gone forward and days are longer than nights for the next six months; it’s time to get your car hale, hearty and ‘beach body ready’ in preparation for the spring. This week’s tips give advice on getting your car ready for the warmer weather, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • Nigel_Mansell_2007[1]download image

    A high - tech brain for a high tech car?

    With the Formula 1 season having just started, all eyes were focussed on all the technological changes that have been brought in for the 2017 season. Many were worried in case the changes reduced the quality of the racing or made running a Formula 1 team too expensive.

    More information
  • man-driving-in-car-in-the-city-ride-share-uber-lyft-getaround-zipcarDOWNLOAD IMAGE

    Reducing your insurance costs: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Securing the right motor insurance is an unavoidable headache, but once you have it can be off-putting hearing about the many ways you could have saved or reduced your monthly payments. This week’s tips give advice on reducing your motor insurance costs, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • unspecifiedBJEN24BGdownload images

    The aftermath: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    After being involved in a road traffic incident it is easy to lose confidence and the thought of getting back in the driving seat can be quite daunting. This week’s tips give advice on how to cope after the aftermath of a driving incident, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • Downlaod image

    Drugs and driving, drivers under the influence are easy to spot, right?

    I recently came across some stats regarding drug driving convictions and noticed a worrying trend starting to appear. This led me to wonder why this could be happening and if the wider driving community is clear on new laws governing this area.

    More information
  • imag3e downlodd

    Road safety is child’s play

    Aside from IAM RoadSmart and Tottenham Hotspur, one of my pleasures in life is buying and selling vintage toys and games, and every now and then my work and leisure worlds collide (not the best word to use I guess!)

    More information
  • 15104006386_1bf6bfe96a_b[1]download image

    Autonomous cars: will we let them be autonomous?

    The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee has been considering the implications of self driving cars. One part of their conclusion was this: “…autonomous cars could have negative implications for drivers' competence, making drivers complacent and overly reliant on technology. This is of particular concern in emergency situations, where a driver may react slowly to taking back control of a vehicle.”

    More information
  • cary tyres download image

    Tyred and emotional: why we should tread carefully

    During the course of a week Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards spends his time engaged with professionals and very talented volunteers in the field of road safety. It is easy to forget when surrounded by this peer group that for a lot of us, a car is just a car and the tyres are just at the corners to stop the wheel rims getting scratched on the road.

    More information
  • car-1590508_960_720[1]downlaod

    Preventing wandering eyes: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    During the daily commute we are often in such a hurry we could leave our brains on the kitchen counter if! This forgetfulness can also often happen whilst we are in our cars and so we end up leaving valuables visible for thieves. This week’s tips give advice on how to prevent car theft, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • IMG_3496bfree3

    Driving a new car: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Buying a brand new car is something that many dream of. Although “running in” a car is not so critical today as it was in times gone by, there are a few things to bear in mind as you drive your shiny new pride and joy away from the showroom. This week’s tips give advice on driving a new car, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • unspecified9DCHNYA9gear stick

    Driving with dyspraxia: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Drivers with conditions such as dyspraxia, which affects hand-eye coordination, short term memory and spatial awareness often travel not noticing their condition and find it more challenging using the road than others. Some are even unaware that they are suffering from a coordination disorder. This week’s tips give advice on driving with dyspraxia, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • silverstone Feb 2009 005roy craig

    Falling Standards

    I can't imagine I'm alone in thinking that the standard of driving on UK roads and especially in my own area is so bad as to becoming intolerable. Whilst reading the Bucks Free Press last week, I was astounded at the amount of crash related stories there were, but however it does seem to be any, everyday occurrence.

    More information
  • spring-276014_960_720[1] download image

    Has Spring Sprung?

    Personally I am looking forward to the clocks springing forward an hour to take advantage of longer daylight hours – with a new dog in the family being able to get out with him after work is much more fun in the daylight. Does changing the hour have a positive effect on road safety though? – Well yes, I believe it does.

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  • unspecifiedman in suit download image

    Time for a sharp Brexit…?

    I drive a car. A car from a European manufacturer that builds lots of cars. Lately, my car has taken on certain stereotypical characteristics akin to its place of birth. It’s defiant (absolutely no need for all of the electrics to work properly), it’s passionate (about guzzling tyre tread at an alarming rate) and it’s suave; given a clean it looks pretty good and gives the impression, albeit falsely in this case, of a real mover.

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  • makeup download image

    I’m just trying being cool

    I was told when I was little that your face should be seen as a statement piece. Now I don’t want to expose the little birdy that told me this, so I’ll end this here but I can’t help and believe that this affects many people even subconsciously as this is becoming more and more reflective of how we operate in society.

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  • cropped downloadn image of child

    Driving with the little ones: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    The school run isn’t always the calmest of experiences but having your kids properly secured in the back will take at least one stress off your mind. This week’s tips give advice on driving with children, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • car-light-85977download image

    I have seen the light

    A recent enquiry about headlight dazzle got me thinking about how lights have developed since the days of my old BMC Mini. The at best flickering yellow glow the front end of my old friend was made even worse by a wiring malady which, despite the best efforts of a number of ‘auto sparks’ and talented workers (in their own eyes), was never cured.

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  • 608057421_1280x720satnav download image

    Driving with technology: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Mobile communications and GPS systems used as sat-navs are becoming very common in cars. Whether you are connecting your Bluetooth to blast tunes or looking for the nearest Waitrose, these have become a fundamental part of the daily drive for many of us.

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  • 3054900_ea28a153downloadimage

    Are we all in it together, or just why do average speed cameras work so well?

    I write this after having driven up and down the longest average speed camera equipped road in the UK (and possibly the world), which is the A9 from Dunblane to Inverness. IAM RoadSmart is a member of the A9 safety group; we normally meet at the southern end but this time round we were in Inverness, giving me the ideal opportunity to see the entire system in action again.

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  • 11982512523_0cb983593b_bDownload image

    Vulnerable road users: Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    We are all made up of different shapes and sizes, from old to young and within our unique make-up we each have a different set of problems and vulnerabilities. This week’s tips give advice on sharing the road with vulnerable road users, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • emergency download -photo-132752

    Smile, breathe and go slowly: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Emergency vehicles are everywhere, going at unexpected speeds responding to the needs of the public. They do not expect you to put yourself or others in danger to facilitate this. This week’s tips give advice on how to handle approaching emergency vehicles whilst travelling on the roads, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • car-1865856_960_720[1]download

    Older, wiser and driving for love: diary of an advanced driver

    I took my first advanced driving test in September 1976 at the age of 30. I had thought about doing this for so long as I was a professional driver at the time but like so many people I thought: “Why should I volunteer for this when I have a license to drive?” I did however want to prove that I could drive better than. Mr. Average and be able to discuss the finer points of driving with at least some authority.

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  • rod at 3download image

    My life starts once I’ve got there

    If you didn’t already know, I really love cars. There is a picture of me age three at my parents’ house taken by a professional photographer where I am pointing at something off camera. Years later when I asked them what I was pointing at, they said: “You were pointing at a toy car on the window sill,” – and I wouldn’t stop pointing at it. Eventually the photographer gave me the car!

    More information
  • Downlaod image

    Drug-driving: high time we took note

    When individuals purchase psychoactive substances, there is usually little or no information at all provided about what the ‘high’ contains. In fact many cases present in A&E are difficult to treat for this very reason. If you do not know what you have taken, how can you know how it will affect you?

    More information
  • Girl-Blonde-Behind-Blowing-Hair-Wind-Back-Woman-1246525[1]1232

    Gone with the wind: Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    With the constant change of weather it’s amazing that many of us are able to get from A to B. We would have hoped with a new year and all that Mother Nature might be kind to us but this isn’t the case. This week’s tips give advice on how to deal with driving and riding in the wind, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • karencanner blog image

    Commemoration to my father

    We are encouraging our members to write blogs for us, letting us know the reasons behind them taking the advanced test. Karen Canner of Birmingham Advanced Motorists shares the story behind her taking her test to honour her late father, Sergeant Ron Hardwick (formerly West Midlands Police) who taught her to drive over 30 years ago to the standard of Roadcraft.

    More information
  • Car-Service-and-Maintenance[1]service

    Service, I say service! Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Being safe, reliant and efficient road users are the key things that enable greater safety on the roads and allow them to run smoothly. It is vital to continue this mission of endless safety by maintaining your vehicle and ensuring that is serviced and up-to-date. This week’s tips give advice as to why it is important to get your motor serviced, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of technical policy and advice Tim Shallcross.

    More information
  • suit driving

    “Why this car is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic, why its grease lightning”

    John Travolta couldn’t have sung it any better way back in the late 70’s, there he was talking about driving an automatic car in a systematic way. That’s what I think now I know about a little book called Roadcraft. Are you singing the tune in your head now? Yes, me too.

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  • Sarah Sillars 3 grn 33

    Making an impact

    Whilst 2016 was an eventful year for many companies, for IAM RoadSmart it was a mammoth year! We implemented a huge change programme, one which will enable growth in the business and moreover enable us to achieve our mission to make better drivers and riders. Rebranding from The Institute to Advanced Motorists to IAM RoadSmart, launching our new web site www.iamroadsmart.com, and moving our headquarters from Chiswick to Welwyn Garden City have made for a busy year, and there is room for even more growth and development in 2017.

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  • gas-pump-883076_960_720[1]download image

    Saving fuel: Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Saving money will most definitely be on the agenda for many this year but many neglect the expenses that derive from your vehicle. This week’s tips give advice on saving fuel, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • mobile-1209058_960_720download image

    Don’t be a ‘tweet’ behind the wheel

    I am a big advocate of social media. My job revolves around planning and executing social media campaigns, so it’s quite hard not to be! However, I am also a strong believer of maintaining a safe and healthy balance.

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  • pexels-photo-242276[1]download image

    Road safety as a business

    IAM RoadSmart is about to carry out a survey with the business driving community to find out more about how they manage their fleet and driver risk, including how they stay compliant with regulations and the law.

    More information
  • repair-engine-spark-plug-Download image-85636[1]

    How to avoid MOT palaver: Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    A lot of you may be in the mentality of ‘New Year, New Me’ and hopefully fulfilling your News Year’s resolutions, walking down the road of positivity. Some drivers will be going for their MOT checks and it would be a negative start to the year to fail this. This week’s tips give advice on how to avoid failing your MOT, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • M27_westbound,_Chilworth,_by_night_-_geograph_org_uk_-_272143download image

    It's not my problem....or is it?

    Since IAM RoadSmart moved from Chiswick to Welwyn Garden City, my return commute by car has gone from 60 miles … to 60 miles! Yes exactly the same distance. But now travelling from my house in leafy Buckinghamshire to our new place of work takes me 50% less time. Driving to and from Chiswick would take often three hours a day, to Welwyn Garden City just one hour 45 minutes in total. That shows the effect of driving away from London in the morning and towards it in the evening – counter flow commuting has proved a big bonus for me.

    More information
  • snowdownload

    Snowing me, snowing you … there is something we CAN do!

    IAM RoadSmart brings you expert advice on driving in snow from its head of driving and riding advice Richard Gladman. Best advice is to avoid travelling in extreme weather. If no one is moving, you just add to the problem - so listen to travel advice.

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  • steering-1-download[1]

    A life for a life?

    It’s been a busy festive period for road safety consultations. In the last few week’s major consultations on tougher penalties for the most serious driving offences have arrived alongside one for allowing learners on motorways. Although motorways are our safest roads they do require unique skills which it seems we are all supposed to gain by experience

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  • 4176240632_5a24bcaf94_b[1]Download image

    Is spring is the new winter? Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    It’s the second week of the New Year and the only person who seems to have not got the message that winter is supposed to be over is Jack Frost. This week’s tips give advice on how to deal with winter driving and riding whilst travelling during these dark January days, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • pexels-photo-100655-download

    What makes you sign on the dotted line?

    First car aspirations are always the funniest. If you are like me, you dream without realisation of your bank account and expect the best car out there, something that can reflect who you are or want to be. My dream car is a BMW 1 series; a car of luxury, muscle and ego.

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  • winter-1611283_960_720download image

    Holiday on ice: Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    It’s the start of the New Year and temperatures have dropped below zero in many places. Even though we hope most drivers will be getting back into their usual routines, the icy roads won’t make the return to work so easy. This week’s tips give advice on how to deal with driving and riding on ice, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • Dylan hero image

    A new furry member of the family

    It’s been nearly 16 years since I last had a four legged bundle of fun who just wants to play, sleep and see what he can get away with all day long. Easy when in the house but if like me you want to take your puppy with you as much as you can, getting them used to the car and teaching them to behave when near other road users is really important.

    More information
  • new-years-eve-1664737_960_720.jpg2.jpg2

    Starting 2017 on a high note

    It feels like it was just yesterday that we were heading into 2016 - and now 2017 is nearly here. Even though many of us will be stuck in traffic trying to get to fireworks or parties we hope everyone stays safe. This week’s tips give advice for those drivers and riders travelling during this New Year week, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • IMG_3496bfreedownload image

    Being in the right gear

    As a driving ‘professional’ who for years has promoted Information Position Speed Gear Accelerate (IPSGA), being in the right gear is second nature when behind the wheel. The other day when watching my wife and sons getting ready to go out, a whole new meaning of ‘right gear’ sprung to mind.

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  • christmas-card-574742_960_720download image

    No place like home for the holidays

    The time has finally come for the pigs in blankets, stuffing and the inevitable turkey. During this festive season many of us will be making our way home to celebrate the joyous season with family. This week’s tips give advice for those travelling for Christmas during this busy season, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • 5345983782_b3afc5feccarcrops2

    The right road for the job

    Many people would like to become a Formula 1 driver, but as we well know very few achieve that dream. Some might say that their racing ambitions were thwarted by a lack of finance – but more likely, they weren’t actually that good! The reason why I am talking about Formula 1 is that being a success isn’t all about speed. With our President being 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with him while he took part in a major written feature with Auto Express magazine.

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  • steering-1-download[1]

    Hitting the right targets

    In the last few weeks, two events have sparked my interest more than usual. The first was the Chancellors Autumn statement and the second was the annual launch of the EuroRAP risk rating for UK roads.

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  • sleeping-1159279_960_720 download image

    Tis the season to be worn out!

    During this festive season most of us will be running around shopping and meeting with friends and family to celebrate their hard earned break. Even though we hope most drivers will have managed to get their full eight hours sleep, this isn’t always the case and we need to be aware we could be sharing the road with many a stressed and exhausted scrooge. This week’s tips give advice on how to deal with fatigue whilst travelling during this busy season, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • unspecifiedM40BV0PL

    “I’ll just have a couple, and then I’ll drive home!”

    Is this familiar? Have you heard this before? ‘I’ll have two pints and I’ll be ok to drive’. No doubt many of you have, as it seems a common misconception that two drinks is the acceptable amount you can drink and still drive whilst being under the legal limit. It suggests there is an awareness of the effects of alcohol and how it impacts on your ability to drive or stay within the legal limit; however the understanding of the consequences and how alcohol affects each and every individual has been lost in this approach.

    More information
  • unspecifiedCG2LF9EE

    More sunshine…more glare time

    While any amount of sunshine is welcomed at this time of year, the glaring low winter sun is taking no prisoners. In 2015 dazzling sun was a factor in over 2,500 crashes including 17 fatalities. Even though we have many tools that aid in protecting us from the glare, we often forget to use them. This week’s tips give advice on how to stay safe on the road with the glare of the sun on rampage, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

    More information
  • kevin on TV

    Farewell Kevin Delaney

    Kevin Delaney, IAM RoadSmart consultant and head of road safety is due to retire soon and is going out with a bang by giving us his uplifting farewell article. Kevin shares his experience, working in road safety and what he believes the future holds for the industry in our latest blog

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  • drink-driving-thumbnail[1]

    Drink Drive Rehabilitation - the ins and outs

    With the Christmas period around the corner Prosecco and spirits will be flowing. And many people simply don't understand the impact and affect that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can have on you. Chloe Jackson, paralegal at Brabners LLP, breaks down the drink drive offence and provides an overview of the process in our latest blog.

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  • 4488955_235967b6- download image

    No hard shoulder to cry on

    All lane running motorways use technology to actively manage the flow of traffic. Driving on them can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you are not a regular user. They use technology to actively manage the flow of traffic and don’t work effectively if motorway users do not use them as they’re supposed to. This week’s tips give advice on how to stay safe on all lane running motorways, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • RoadSafetyWeek infographic - tips

    Take extra care on the roads on Road Safety Week: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Road Safety Week is the UK's biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and communities each year. In the spirit of Road Safety Week this week’s tips give advice on those often overlooked road safety issues and how to stay safe driving and riding on the road, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • rod in wheelchair

    Blame it on the badger

    I wish the reason could have been more ‘rock and roll’ but when people asked me to explain how I ended up with torn ligaments in my left knee, three stitches in my right elbow and hobbling on crutches, the answer couldn’t be less glamorous.

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  • pre bike checks 1 thumbnail

    Two wheels on ice

    Winter has arrived and one of the hardest (and most frequent) conditions we experience here in the UK is riding in high wind, especially while the road is wet too. In addition these conditions can blow or turn riders off course. Here are some tips to prepare riders this winter season from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • road ahead

    Brake Gear Overlap – still separating and confused?

    A subject worthy of hours of discussion is the ‘brake gear overlap.’ It is often described as using both the brakes and changing gear at the same time. Whilst there are some who still condemn this, the average motorist might be staring blankly at you as you try and describe something to them that seems perfectly normal and a sensible operation of their cars controls. However, those of us who are aware know that this phenomenon is only to be used in ‘certain circumstances’ – right?

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  • forest-meadow-leaves-autumn download image

    Goodbye autumn leaves

    It may seem a little late to be discussing autumn weather but with the impact of the Indian summer, all of the seasons have been pushed back a spell. Many of us will be taking to the road this week on the daily commute. Here are some tips to prepare drivers and riders on this late leaf falling season from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • face-in-trees-illusion

    Looking is not always seeing

    As the clocks have gone back and we are starting to practice “hygge”, the latest feel-good craze imported from Denmark (creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you), this is a time when we need to be extra vigilant and start looking and seeing.

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  • Blue light programme small

    National Stress Awareness Day

    Today is National Stress Awareness Day and MIND, a mental health charity, is focussing on its Blue Light Programme. This highlights the support needed for emergency services in regard to mental health issues. Their independent research stated “9 out of 10 of the emergency service staff and volunteers who completed their survey had experienced stress, low mood or poor mental health at some point whilst working for the emergency services.”

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  • Fireworks, display

    Wild with fireworks

    They say that Paris is a city of lights and Sydney is the city of fireworks. Well enter London from stage right, as we celebrate bonfire night on Saturday (5th). This week’s tips give advice on how to stay safe driving and riding during the fireworks. Many of us will be taking to the road this week, going to light fireworks or watch them at our local parks. Here are some tips to prepare drivers and riders for the firework season from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • Carolines blog image 12ffd

    Social media – a power for good

    Social media, it seems can bring out the worst in people. For some it offers an opportunity to share negative opinions that would most likely be internalised, in any other social setting or interaction. Trolling and fat shaming are just two examples. A whole host of celebrities have ditched their social accounts due to harassment and bullying.

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  • scary-halloween-face223

    Trick or treat

    Ghost and goblins, spooks galore drive safely or scary witches will be at your door. In case you haven’t figured it out yet it is Halloween! Many of us will be taking to the road this week, going to scare and have a good time at parties and haunted theme events. Here are some tips to prepare drivers and riders on this eventful season from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • Gender (Man vs woman blog)

    The big debate – which sex makes the better driver?

    When I used to teach people to drive I was asked this all the time. I’d immediately ask what they meant by a better driver. This is where it became obvious that being a better driver means different things to different people.

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  • nightdriving image

    Welcome to the dark side

    As we prepare to lose an hour of sleep the days are getting shorter and darkness is falling all over. Many of us will be off on the morning commute and it can be daunting driving in the dark for the first time in months. Here are some tips to prepare drivers and riders for driving in the twilight zone from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • fleet_world_mpg_marathon_2015_07122

    MPG Marathon

    I really can’t believe it’s been a year since I competed in the MPG Marathon! Two weeks before this event I hadn’t passed my test, driven on a motorway or tried ‘economy’ driving. This was an amazing opportunity for both me and my co-driver Rory Carmichael, and although it was a competition we had a lot of fun.

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  • antifreeze-sad

    A chill in the air…guess Jack Frost is near

    The Indian summer was fun while it lasted but make way for the hats, scarves and wellies because winter is on its way. The temperature is gradually dropping reminding us that we have to make sure we have our de-icers ready. Here are some tips to prepare motor users for the winter from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • Download image for blog road rage

    Is it really worth it?

    Arguments in the car can be incredibly annoying. And I’m sure that it anyone claimed they never had one, would be a bit of a lie. Some motorists can be inconsiderate and be bullies on the road. They miss the point that everybody is entitled to be there. After the frenzy, you are left thinking: was it really worth it?

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  • depression 3323

    World mental health day

    Experiencing a mental health problem, whether it be a bout or ongoing, is daunting and lonely in itself. The worry that it may also take away independence and freedoms on top of that is of no greater comfort. However the issue of driving and mental health is one that we do need to discuss. Not least, because, like so many other aspects of mental health, it is an issue that is overlooked. For the interests of both road safety and personal wellbeing, it cannot afford to be. More of us need to be aware of the risks as well as our rights on the road, and with today being World Mental Health Day, there’s no better time for us to start.

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  • Driverless cars piece download image

    We need to talk – driverless cars consultation just a start

    I recently signed off IAM RoadSmart’s response to the government’s Pathway to driverless cars consultation. The topic was discussed amongst our experts and we also ran a web poll among our members to gauge their opinions on the debate. The interest was high with almost 1200 responses

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  • Iam Roadsmart Dog download image

    Peace, love and muddy paws

    Many of us take to the road with our pets and if we are lucky enough might even have a place for them at our desks. But much as we love them, now and again our furry friends can pose a few challenges when we’re driving. Here are some tips for those driving with pets from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • IAM David Williams

    IAM RoadSmart, a personal view

    As a journalist I’ve worked closely with the IAM – now IAM RoadSmart - for decades. It started 30 years ago when I proudly won my Advanced Driver certificate. Since then I’ve been chosen for the organisation’s ‘Road Safety Writer of the Year’ award twice. I care deeply about road safety and the IAM RoadSmart has helped me research many articles on the subject for newspapers and magazines.

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  • unspecifiedDX3NI041321ddas

    Distraction: the enemy of action

    The daily commute can often get repetitive and could tempt you to look to your car for entertainment. A favourite song may come to mind or even the thought of calling someone from a hand held mobile phone to pass time. Here are some driving tips to avoid distractions from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • downlaod image

    It is sometimes illuminating to drive in the rain

    Some comments received after the recent edition of RoadSmart magazine got me thinking about automatic systems fitted to our vehicles and how reliant upon them we can allow ourselves to become.

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  • Young driver hands33

    Let the all-nighters begin

    Freshers’ week is beginning for many, and students are going to be making their way north, south, east and west to begin their higher education. For some this will be the longest journey they’ve ever driven, to a new area, with a car fully laden with all their worldly goods. Here are some driving tips for those packing their bags up for the big trip to university from IAM RoadSmart’s communications manager Caroline Holmes.

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  • Eloise PR with car

    Great opportunities to develop your skills: IAM RoadSmart Skills Day

    Would you enjoy an opportunity to hone your skills? Practice with your own vehicle in a controlled environment with expert guidance? Skills you can then put into practice whilst on the road. If so, read on …

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  • Car driving

    Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find

    Driving style has a huge impact on fuel consumption and is key to reducing your impact on the environment. You can buy the greenest car on the market but if you drive it badly or use it too much, you simply undermine all the benefits. There are however some things you can do to save money and reduce CO2 emissions and pollution. Here are some environmental driving tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • schoolgirls22

    Avoiding dangers on your doorstep

    This is a busy week in the calendar for many parents and carers as the new school year gets into full swing. As the busy mornings and tight schedules take over, basic safety measures and considerations can be unintentionally overlooked. Although we often hear about accidents involving children as pedestrians or passengers in cars that crash, we are less likely to hear about those incidents that take place within our own driveways or close to home. Yet these events can be just as severe and are often easily avoided

    More information
  • IAM RoadSmart

    Driving with children - let them be little

    Driving with young children can sometimes be stressful when trying to keep an eye on both them and the road. This week is back-to-school for many and a new wave of under-fives will be going to nursery. Here are some safety tips for driving with young children from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Drink driving

    Drink Driving – that’s something that went out in the 70’s, right?

    Many people today believe drink driving has been consigned to the past and all drivers are aware of the serious dangers and consequences it can have; not only to the driver but the public around them. Sadly this isn’t the case and around 35,000 drink drive offences were recorded in the first nine months of 2015; whilst this number is lower than previous years, it shows this is not a problem left to the past but one that still confronts each and every road user today.

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  • 1

    The ultimate run…the school run

    The summer holidays are coming to an end and the school run is going to be in the forefront of many parent’s minds. Regardless of the amount of years you have been on the road, early-morning starts see a lot of drivers distracted and in a hurry. This poses additional risks for students and others who are walking, cycling and driving in the area.

    More information
  • Motorway, Sunny

    Don’t let the breakdown tear you down

    The Bank Holiday weekend is approaching, and it’s predicted that 15 million cars will be out on the road. With that will inevitably come a surge of breakdowns, stressful at best and dangerous at worst. Here are some breakdown safety tips from, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • FRM, roadside, Overtake risk, tractor-country-road.jpeg44

    Tractors on roads – love them or hate them?

    Living in the countryside is lovely, lots of fresh air (most of the time) less noise and traffic than in towns and some would say a slower pace of life. However I have noticed a few changes since my childhood: tractors for one have really changed.

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  • Eloise in car - CH - 25.07.16 download iamge

    My new role and the IAM RoadSmart 60th birthday car party

    You may seen the announcement and introduction of my new role and what I hope to achieve the previous blog by Sarah Sillars IAM RoadSmart chief executive officer. I’m really excited and proud to say I will be working with IAM RoadSmart during my gap year.

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  • cyclist in primary position22

    Keep a weather eye out for the vulnerable

    With cycling proving to be a popular and convenient way to get around, it is vital to stay alert when sharing the road with vulnerable road users. Here are some tips on what to look out for in summer traffic from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • eloise and carli copy

    Don’t dream it’s over

    “Careless” and “reckless,” are words we often hear associated with young drivers. Adding to this stigmatisation are the statistics in 2013 the Department of Transport found that 17% of young car drivers that were involved in crashes were careless, reckless or in a hurry, for 16% of accidents loss of control was determined to be a contributory factor and 22% were either travelling too fast for conditions or performed a poor turn or manoeuvre we need to support younger drivers, understand and moreover inspire them to be better drivers.

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  • IAM RoadSmart

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    The hustle and bustle of the UK commute isn’t always the easiest. With the summer holidays here, neither is driving the kids around for various activities. Here are some comfy driving tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Social media networking transportation and vehicle-distractions

    We need you! Using social media to spread the road safety agenda!

    There are 2.3 billion active social media users across the globe. In the past year there was a 176 million increase and 81% of small to medium sized organisations are using it for their business needs. It would be foolish of us not to embrace the advantages that come from this growing digital experience.

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  • Sarah Sillars 3 grn 33

    Let's support younger drivers

    ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ is a phrase that is constantly drummed into children at school but the momentum is often lost and does not always transcend into adulthood. So when young drivers extend an olive branch and want to get involved with driving and road safety activities we would be would be foolish not to answer. In my last blog I talked about how we’ve been around for sixty years previous blog. In that time there have been significant changes in the way people learn and develop. Nowhere is this more true than for younger drivers and riders.

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  • Weekly tips thumbnail

    It’s that time … road trip!

    Summer is here and the holiday season is upon us. A lot of travellers try to kill two birds with one stone by driving and sleeping in the same place. Here are some road trip driving safety tips for you caravan and motorhome users from, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Happy mum with a sleeping baby in the car-family (tinified and cropped) 44

    Formula for Happiness

    ‘Always make sure you spend less than you have in the bank,’ to sum up Charles Dickens’ character Wilkins Micawber's thoughts on budgeting. This can be extended to always make sure what you spend delivers what you are trying to achieve: a good look, a full tummy or a great service.

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  • Business driver at wheel inside car 2

    Steering – 'Power is nothing without control'

    IAM RoadSmart has now launched its new Advanced Driver course training material and steering featured in the roll out to observers and examiners. What I still find amusing is that rotational steering, first featured in the 2007 edition of Roadcraft and yet, here we are nine years on with some still denying its very existence.

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  • sunny-country-road- edit

    All hot and bothered!

    Last week proved to be the hottest day of the year in the UK and it looks like summer has truly arrived. Here are some summer travelling safety tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • IMG_9486-443

    Pokemon – but not on the GO.

    Last Thursday I downloaded Pokémon GO, just a couple of hours after its UK launch. And if not exactly hooked, trying to ensnare Zubat on the bus or Golduck on the tube is a really fun way of passing time.

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  • some_sunny_weather_by_epicfail23fd

    Summer, Summer, Summertime!

    From V Festival to garden BBQs, the UK summer season offers something for everybody. In many cases that’s booze. Here are some summer driving safety tips from, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • C-Max on holiday beach

    Summer: the season of weddings, festivals and barbecues!

    The long awaited British summertime is here and the shorts are out! For many of us this spells a season of weddings, festivals and barbecues. It is also the perfect time, with sun roofs and windows open to their fullest, for taking to the roads.

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  • Paddy Hopkirk Photo 2

    Rallying support for IAM RoadSmart

    1964 Monte Carlo Rally winner and IAM RoadSmart Mature Driver Ambassador Paddy Hopkirk writes his first blog for us, talking about how everyone can be a better driver – even a race winner like himself.

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  • Ben Stables at IAM RoadSmart Tradeshow

    The IAM RoadSmart Summer Trade Show Circuit!

    Since the start of the summer, the IAM RoadSmart sales team has been busy, attending a number of trade shows. We’ve been everywhere in May and June, from the Company Car in Action 2016 at Millbrook, to the Safety & Health Expo 2016 at ExCeL London.

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  • Road Rage IAm RoadSmart

    Road rage – don’t be a victim

    In this week’s driving tips IAM RoadSmart head of standards Richard Gladman talks about how to avoid becoming a road rage victim, and what to do if it does escalate.

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  • dog-square[1]f

    Dogs love to travel!

    Having a dog is just expanding your family with a furry four-legged friend! Think about their safety when travelling in a car in the same way you would think of yours, your children or grandchildren.

    More information
  • motorbike[1]2

    Are you a safe filterer? Riding tips from IAM RoadSmart

    If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll be aware of filtering through stationary or slow-moving traffic. But are you filtering safely? Here’s how you can make sure you are, with IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • mature-older-driver-square-crop[2] copy

    The future's bright – the future's silver!

    As we all know 4th of July is Independence Day and this year, in London, it was marked by the launch of a report which should help guarantee better mobility and independence for older drivers in the future. The key official crash statistics show that the risk of older drivers hurting others in serious crashes is lower than middle-aged drivers and half that of young drivers.

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  • eloise-blog-download-image-1--22595dfa89022968e9a61eff00000def30[1]33

    My passion for road safety

    I am passionate about driver and road safety, particularly for young drivers, as I am one myself! However I’m not your typical teenager driving simply to get from point A to B, I like to go that extra mile.

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  • rain tips download

    Travelling in wet weather

    With the ongoing forecast of rain expected for the tail end of June, here are some tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, about how you can stay safe when travelling in wet weather.

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  • borders---john-cleland-thumbnail[1]443

    Scottish Borders Under17 Driving Event

    Back in January when I was standing in the middle of CharterHall estate on a disused racing circuit converted to a landing strip, in the cold and rain with John Cleland former Super Saloon racing champion and now Volvo and Jaguar dealer in Galashiels, Amanda Smith, Shaun Cronin, Gill Macgregor all from IAM RoadSmart, and Andy McClean Chief Inspector of Scottish Borders police, the idea of conducting an under 17 drivers event it seemed like the impossible.

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  • neil-thumbnail[1]

    If it’s Thursday it must be ….Hannover!

    IAM RoadSmart's director of policy and research shares with us what he got up to in Hannover. From learning about the use of driving simulators to assess dementia and minor cognitive impairments to gaining an insight into other research works going on around the world, Neil has the latest from his visit.

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  • fire-brigade-thumbnail[1]22

    The Biker Down experience – an experience that’s totally worth it

    If you arrive on scene just after the incident will you be a help or a hazard? You may be the only chance the casualty has. The sad fact is if you are a motorcyclist in a group your casualty is likely to be someone in your group. Well, in true Dads Army fashion ‘Don’t Panic’ and why not get yourself along to a Biker Down course?

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  • motorway-pic-thumbnail-1-d[2]43

    Driving through roadworks on the motorway

    Driving through roadworks can be nerve wracking. Narrower lanes, slow traffic and fraying tempers all add to the challenge. But as long as you drive carefully and at a steady speed your journey needn’t be stressful. Here’s some advice from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, to ensure your motorway journey through roadworks is as safe and stress-free as possible.

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  • rod-with-aston-3-thumbnail[2]33

    Getting to know you

    Last week, IAM RoadSmart's senior communications executive, Rodney Kumar, had the honour of being invited to the Western Group of Motoring Writers Annual Driving Day at Castle Combe circuit. To find out more about what he got up to and why such events can prove fruitful, read more.

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  • child-playing-1-thumbnail[2]11

    Are we there yet?

    As father of two young children in a family that likes to go to places varied and widespread, we do many a mile together on the UK’s roads. Car journeys account for 68% of all journeys made and leisure is the principle reason in 40% of all cases*, so we’re not alone.

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  • road-rage-2-thumbnail[2]dgf

    Avoiding car crash scammers

    Motorists can often fall victim to intentionally staged road accidents, which force insurance companies to pay out high claims. With some useful tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman, here’s how you can try and stay clear of fraudulent scams.

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  • social-media-419944_960_720-thumbnail[2]22

    Be in the know: IAM RoadSmart social media channels

    If you don’t know much about our social media channels yet, then this is where you can find out more. Once you know more about some of our major channels, you can decide which one/ones best suit your needs. We have so much going on online, so much so, we want you to be a part of it!

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  • shutterstock_88014793-drink-driving22

    Drink driving - UEFA Euro 2016

    With UEFA Euro 2016 all set to start this weekend, the likelihood of football fans enjoying a couple more drinks than usual are pretty high. Here’s some advice from IAM RoadSmart’s Driver Retraining Academy project leader, Chris Davies, to guide you through safe drink-driving this football season.

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  • drink-driving-thumbnail[1]232

    Euro 2016 – Let’s avoid penalties this summer

    Research shows some 5,500 drivers/riders were convicted of drink driving last year on the morning after; worryingly this is seven per cent higher than 10 years ago and accounts for 20% of all convictions, demonstrating many drivers are completely unaware of the amount of alcohol remaining in their body from the previous night and how this places them over the legal limit. Read more.

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  • misc-motorcycle-in-traffic-headlight-on-bike-thumbnail[1]22

    SMART: Saw a Motorcyclist and Reacted Today

    As a driver who is looking at a junction or roundabout you often see what you expect to see. A motorcycle even with its headlamps on can merge into the background traffic, and the movement straight towards you can be difficult to spot. If, as drivers, we recognise this we may allow a bit more time to look for bikes and we may just save a life or at least a few grey hairs!

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  • Fire engine-Emergency vehicles fg

    Responding to emergency vehicles

    This week, we’re looking at how you can help an emergency vehicle reach the scene of an urgent situation quickly and safely. Here’s IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding Richard Gladman, to guide you through.

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  • neil-grieg-fia-download[2]223

    Helsinki – Hel yeah!

    IAM RoadSmart's director of policy and research, Neil Greig, was proud to represent IAM RoadSmart amongst 200 delegates from across 70 different countries at the annual FIA mobility conference held in Helsinki. Read more to find out about Neil's experience and what he got up to.

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  • urban motorway Glasgow ScotlandddFDDF

    Summer driving in the city

    Driving through busy urban roads needn’t be stressful this summer. All you need is IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman to guide you through safe city driving.

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  • dan-hart-thumbnail1[1]223

    Meet the biker behind the screen

    "My relationship with IAM RoadSmart is a very personal one for me. The skills I’ve learnt have changed my life. I’ve never looked back." Read more about observer and motorcyclist, Dan Hart's relationship with us and his passion for helping others improve their skills.

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  • steering-1-download[1]55

    Steering – ‘the old pull and push’

    As Regional Quality Manager for the South I get to travel about visiting different IAM groups and test Masters and National Observer candidates together with a few IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Tests. And steering as a core subject is often raised with me. Now as it’s IAM RoadSmart, several days could be lost in a discussion on the minutia of many subjects, but steering is a classic case. Read more.

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  • rod-as-baby-1-232[1]5435

    Step back in time (as Kylie once said)

    IAM RoadSmart may have just been launched as our new brand name, but that’s not the only exciting thing happening this year. We are in the midst of planning for our 60th anniversary too. From a new name to marking six decades of making better drivers and riders it’s all go.

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  • misc-pills-no-to-drug-driving-thumbnail[1]dfdNEW

    Coping with hay fever

    A runny nose, headache and constant sneezing – these are just a few of the symptoms hay fever sufferers deal with during the summer. Here’s some advice from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, about what you can do to better cope with it before taking to the road.

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  • road-ahead-2[2]55

    The road ahead

    Becoming more observant will improve your driving, it can actually make the journey more fun too. You might be surprised by the things you notice when you really start taking in the scenery you drive through.

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  • driving-car-thumbnail1[1]32

    It’s not grey, it’s black and white

    Whether it's nipping out to the depot or going to a meeting or visiting a supplier; do enough companies consider the implications of an employee using their own vehicle for work?

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  • fall-foliage-colors-and-details-in-acadia-national-park-in-maine-new-england-during-their-famous-autumn-scenic-uk-thumbnail[1]FF

    Hiring a vehicle abroad

    Planning a road trip for your next holiday abroad? Then be sure to read our latest tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, who will guide you through hiring a vehicle abroad.

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  • eloise-iam-balloon---download[1]4554

    Should road safety be in the national curriculum?

    Reflecting on my education I really wish that road safety had been part of the curriculum. Giving young people an understanding of risks and the consequences of actions on the road, whether as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, would be invaluable.

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  • multitasking[1]ffd

    M4 musings on driverless cars

    A particularly gruelling journey recently set my mind to the topic of actually not having to drive at all. Autonomous cars.

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  • zebra_crossing[1]fs

    Sharing the road - safety around mobility scooters

    Mobility scooters offer a new freedom for many people. They can however pose challenges for other road users. Understanding the challenges on both sides and sharing the road is the key. IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, shares his advice on driving safely around mobility and electric wheelchair users.

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  • motorway-airport[2]ff

    May bank holiday getaway – driving to the airport

    If you’re planning a bank holiday getaway then be sure to read our tips on how you can make your journey to the airport a safe and stress-free one. Here’s IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, to help you prepare for the journey. Because a little preparation goes a long way.

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  • Sarah Sillars

    We make better drivers and riders

    It’s not often an organisation has so many firsts on one day. But for us, today is a biggie. New brand. New website. New courses. New standards. And a new strapline, ‘we make better drivers and riders’. Because that’s what we do.

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  • Speed-Camera-Survey

    Speed cameras – the views of high mileage drivers

    Reading this, you might be reminded of a time when you were driving along and suddenly noticed the double flash of a speed camera behind your vehicle. Had you just been caught speeding or was it as a result of the way the vehicle in front or behind you was driving?

    More information
  • RB-Safe-Driving-insight-guide-v3-1

    Safe Driving Guide

    Our standard policy wording is simple and straightforward, avoiding misunderstandings or ambiguity. It is intended to engage the driver and be simple to read. The contents page is hyper-linked to each section for ease of use when viewing in PDF rather than hardcopy. The document is 13 pages long, including the attractive front page and the coversheet, which requires a signature from the person responsible for the policy, plus the name of the person responsible for day-to-day enforcement, plus a date for review.

    More information
  • RB-Driving-at-work-insight-guide

    Driving Licence Checking Facility

    The only way to ensure the driving licence is valid at the time of the check is via the DVLA, visual checking and taking a copy cannot ensure the licence is current or valid for the class of vehicle being driven on Company business. Frequency of these checks is dependent on your Company Policy and number of points on a driving licence.

    More information
  • RB-Driving-at-work-insight-guide

    Driving at work policy

    Our standard policy wording is simple and straightforward, avoiding misunderstandings or ambiguity. It is intended to engage the driver and be simple to read. The contents page is hyper-linked to each section for ease of use when viewing in PDF rather than hardcopy.

    More information
  • childseat-thumbnail[1]ddf

    Child seat safety

    This week’s tips are all about fitted car restraints and ensuring your child has a safe and comfortable car journey. If your child is 12 years old or younger they must be in an appropriate car seat. IAM RoadSmart's communications manager, Caroline Holmes, has some advice on ensuring you choose the right one for your child.

    More information
  • spring-ready-thumbnail[1]dfd

    Is your car Spring ready?

    Spring has officially arrived and like us, our cars need to shake off the winter cold to be fit for the summer ahead. If you haven’t done so already, get your car ready for spring with our latest tips from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • zebra crossing

    UK road casualties increase for first time in 18 years

    IAM Drive & Survive is very concerned at the alarming increase in road deaths in Britain, following the publication of the latest accident statistics from the Department for Transport today.

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  • Motorway Pics - Aug 04 025

    How to cope with a motorway breakdown

    This week’s tips, from IAM RoadSmart's director of policy and research, Neil Greig, are advising drivers on how to cope with a breakdown on the motorway. Read our essential tips to find out more.

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  • pre bike checks 1 thumbnail

    Pre-ride motorbike checks

    Your bike may well have gone away for the winter, so before heading out ensure you’re both fit for the new season, with these tips on some basic preparation from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, and a free ride check with #IAMRideFree.

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  • Misc_motorcycle_in_traffic_headlight_on-road

    IAM establishes new industry group to guide driver risk management

    The UK’s leading road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), recently hosted the inaugural meeting of its new Business Customer Advisory Group (BCAG). The gathering saw industry professionals come together to give their opinions on what they need from innovative driver risk management programmes that will deliver safer and more efficient driver activities for their businesses.

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  • wind tree thumbnail

    Riding in the wind

    This week IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, offers motorcyclists six top tips on riding safely in wind.

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  • Driving_in_rain

    Corporate manslaughter and driving; your business may be at risk.

    « Errare humanum est » but when it’s about your employees’ health and safety, it is your responsibility to make your H&S policies robust and reliable. Recently sentencing for health and safety offences has got tougher and depends on the seriousness of the injury and the turnover of the company.

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  • storm weather thumbnail

    Driving safely in storms

    This week’s tips from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, are about driving safely in storms. As storm Imogen brings strong gusts of wind across the country, here’s how you can make your journey a safe one for the road.

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  • mot keys thumbnail

    Don’t let your MOT become an epic fail

    Many people don’t prepare their car for an MOT at all, when a set of simple checks could save you time, money and inconvenience. Many cars fail on the basic items we’re about to highlight, leaving you rushing around attempting to fix them at late notice and possibly great expense.

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  • bent metal 1

    White paper: Bent metal - an analysis of vehicle accidents amongst company fleets

    In this White Paper you will be able to find the result of a survey we commissioned in autumn 2014 to investigate what experiences businesses were having with regards to bent metal and its financial impact.

    More information
  • ice tips thumbnail

    Driving safely in ice

    This week’s tips IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, are about driving safely in frost and ice. With temperatures near freezing, here’s how you can ensure your journey is a safe one for the road.

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  • fog tips thumbnail

    Driving safely in fog

    This week’s tips from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, are sharing advice with motorists about driving safely in fog. Read our latest tips to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

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  • windy and cloudy thumbnail

    Driving safely in the wind

    This week’s tips, from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, are advising motorists on how to cope with driving in high winds. Keep up-to-date with our latest tips and ensure your winter drive is a smooth one.

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  • Snowy winding oad pic from inside car_heavy traffic_winter-driving

    In the bleak midwinter

    Simon Elstow said: “If the weather is really bad, think about whether you really need to make the journey before travelling. If so, make sure you take out the time to prepare your car for the elements you may face.”

    More information
  • Lack of DRM 1

    White paper: Is a lack of DRM hitting your fleet's performance?

    In today's busy working environments, it's easy to see how the health, safety and training of drivers might fall off the agenda. But instead, imagine the difficulty of managing the aftermath of a vehicle crash.

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  • Snowy winding oad pic from inside car_heavy traffic_winter-driving

    #Wheelsinwinter - IAM launches winter road safety drive

    In 2014, 12,445 accidents took place on built up roads that were either flooded or wet in the dark – a 19% increase since 2010 (1). As the days shorten and weather conditions worsen the IAM has launched its #wheelsinwinter campaign to support leisure and business travellers in driving safely this winter.

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  • Group_of_motorcyclists_pics_-_alps_copy

    Road safety fears prompt summit

    The rising human and financial toll of accidents and injuries on North-East roads have prompted a new move to draw up a regional road safety strategy.

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  • shutterstock_94639012

    Winter is coming; 7 things to check for both you and your car that really matter

    It's that time of the year again; cold weather is coming back with fog and potentially, snow. How do you ensure that you and your car are ready for this and more?

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