#Wheelsinwinter - IAM launches winter road safety drive

Blog post posted on 25/11/15 |
151123_Wheelsinwinter_Infographic_small.jpgIn 2014, 12,445 accidents took place on built up roads that were either flooded or wet in the dark – a 19% increase since 2010 (1). As the days shorten and weather conditions worsen the IAM has launched its #wheelsinwinter campaign to support leisure and business travellers in driving safely this winter.

Contributory factors to road accidents in 2014 include (2):

  • Snow, sleet, rain or fog – caused 368 fatal or serious accidents
  • Slippery roads – caused 1,279 fatal or serious accidents

The IAM is concerned that business users will be put under extra pressure to carry out their duties during the winter at the same level as the summer, particularly when extra time is needed for travelling in the dark and bad weather. A survey conducted earlier in the year by IAM Drive & Survive found 86% of fleets have experienced an accident where one of their drivers was ‘at fault’ (3).

Sarah Sillars, chief executive officer at the IAM, said: “It is clear from the statistics that fleet drivers are at risk of being involved in an accident, particularly when they are faced with poor weather conditions.

“We advise business drivers to plan their working schedule to avoid travelling in severe weather conditions if at all possible – could you do a conference call rather than a face to face meeting? But if you really do need to travel, prepare properly and read our advice to ensure your journey is as safe as possible.