In the bleak midwinter

Blog post posted on 01/12/15 |

As the weather gets colder, Simon is advising motorists on how to get a cold car going in the bleak midwinter.

Simon Elstow said: “If the weather is really bad, think about whether you really need to make the journey before travelling. If so, make sure you take out the time to prepare your car for the elements you may face.”

Simon offers six tips to avoid seasonal car problems:

  • Don’t switch on the engine until you are ready to go; a modern car does not need to warm the engine up. But do put the engine on if you need to run the heater/demister before you move off.
  • Clean any snow off the car’s roof and bonnet as well as windows. And make sure all your lights are free of snow.
  • When you get in the car, make sure all extras such as lights, heaters and the radio are turned off before you try starting it.
  • Clean your windows inside and out – a dirty screen will cause the windows to mist up much quicker.
  • When you’re ready to go, switch the engine and heater on (air con if you have fitted; it keeps the screen dry) so that the windows don’t steam up.
  • Use the ‘ice’ setting if your car has one and it’s cold enough.

Simon said: “Spending time preparing your car for the weather conditions is important so that it copes well throughout your journey. Now is the time to check the battery is in good condition and that your screen wash has a freeze-resistant additive.”