White paper: Is a lack of DRM hitting your fleet's performance?

Blog post posted on 01/12/15 |

Is a lack of DRM hitting your fleet's performance?

In today's busy working environments, it's easy to see how the health, safety and training of drivers might fall off the agenda. But instead, imagine the difficulty of managing the aftermath of a vehicle crash:

  • It's emotional
  • it's time consuming
  • and there's always a cost

IAM Drive & Survive commissionned a survey in which it asked 200 businesses on their approach to Driver Risk Manamagement (DRM).

This research shows that many companies are failing to address basic tasks that could help to prevent accidents. Find these and all the other results of this survey in the White Paper.

IAM Drive & Survive is committed to mitigating the risks associated with commercial driving and could help you. Contact us to see how we can make your drivers safer and more efficient and your company compliant and cost-effective.

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