Step back in time (as Kylie once said)

Blog post posted on 18/05/16 |

Rodney Kumar - IAM RoadSmart's senior communications executive

IAM RoadSmart may have just been launched as our new brand name, but that’s not the only exciting thing happening this year. We are in the midst of planning for our 60th anniversary too. From a new name to marking six decades of making better drivers and riders it’s all go.

To celebrate we have two parties coming up … we don’t do things in halves here! The bike party is at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 2 July, while the car party is at the National Motor Museum at Gaydon on 9 July.

As a part of that, we had been looking for one car and one bike to represent each year of the organisation’s life, from 1956 to 2016.

There has been an amazing array of vehicles. Of course I think we can all relate to the cars and bikes of our childhoods. For me, seeing a 1979 Austin Allegro brought back memories – a car I was taken to school in. My chariots to school also included a Morris Marina, Ford Cortina, Austin Maxi and Volkswagen K70 – what a combination.

I was also fascinated to see a 1985 Ford Capri Laser – the last shout for the Capri before it was axed. I remember being quite upset to see this classic coupe axed as a teenager. I don’t know how much of a geek this makes me.

Right next to it will be a Triumph Acclaim, the last car produced by Triumph before Austin Rover rationalised their brands.

We have now successfully filled all the car slots for 9 July. The last three places were filled by a gentleman who owned not only a 1978 Fiat 127, but a 1982 Fiat Strada and 1986 Fiat Panda too - what an enthusiast!

We do still have a fair few bike slots to fill ... come on bikers, do your stuff.

As I waffle on nostalgically, what we all hope when you see this fine line-up of vehicles is that they evoke some memories of your own. I have no doubt that many of you, like me,  love cars or bikes – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

As you wander down the line, I am sure you will see something to remind you of your dad’s car, your first car, the car you first drove you girlfriend/boyfriend around in, the first car you brought your new child home in, and so on.

So we hope that when you come along to either party, you will have a chat to the owner of the vehicle that interests you and swap stories. That’s what the parties are all about – a time to enjoy and celebrate.

There will be lots of people from IAM RoadSmart head office at both events. Do stop and talk to us and tell us your story.

(The thumbnail picture for this blog shows me as a baby sunning myself on the bonnet of my dad’s Ford Cortina 1600E taken in 1970.)