Meet the biker behind the screen

Blog post posted on 24/05/16 |
Dan Hart - IAM RoadSmart observer and motorcyclist

When IAM RoadSmart approached me and asked me if I could write a regular blog about my biking career I was more than a little humbled. I regularly write my own blog and so far it has had over 4500 views from 83 countries. I want to use this opener to introduce myself – meet the biker behind the screen! 

After a hefty off in 2014 in which I broke my neck I vowed to train and improve my riding as much as I could. In the twelve months that followed I trained relentlessly and passed my advanced riding course with top marks – a very proud and poignant moment. Powered by a commitment to never return to the way I used to ride (and plenty of biscuits) I went on to train as an Observer and now pass on what I have learned to others. I am proud to be helping the bikers of Devon improve skills and become safer.

On top of this I am an active blood biker and trustee for Devon Freewheelers and regularly complete urgent and emergency runs on a marked blood bike completely voluntarily and free of charge to the NHS. These jobs ultimately can help save someone's life. Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone.

In 2015 I was the very proud winner of the IAM Lord Strathcarron Award, awarded to the member who has gone above and beyond to help promote the message of IAM RoadSmart. I have so much energy and enthusiasm, not only for IAM RoadSmart, but for biking and bikers as a whole. When I was asked to regularly write an article for the web site my mind was fizzing at the thought of passing this onto the reader through bike-related topics. My relationship with IAM RoadSmart is a very personal one for me. The skills I’ve learnt have changed my life. I’ve never looked back. 

It is an exciting time for IAM RoadSmart and its members. The recent launch of IAM RoadSmart has brought us bang up-to-date with a fresh approach and look. I will be writing about lots of different things in the coming weeks, but for me it’s a very personal thing. I love biking, and I want others to experience that love too. I will be talking about my experiences as an observer, blood biker and biker in general. I have built up hundreds of contacts along the way, covered plenty of miles and had, and continue to have some really inspiring moments. This is an opportunity to bring you all along for the ride. So watch this space, I have so much coming up that I can't wait to share with you all.