The Biker Down experience – an experience that’s totally worth it

Blog post posted on 22/06/16 |

Richard Gladman - IAM RoadSmart head of driving and riding standards

Following on from SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn’t see you), I asked myself if it does all go wrong do we know what to do?

If you arrive on scene just after the incident will you be a help or a hazard?

You may be the only chance the casualty has. The sad fact is if you are a motorcyclist in a group your casualty is likely to be someone in your group. Well, in true Dads Army fashion ‘Don’t Panic’ and why not get yourself along to a Biker Down course?

It’s an excellent scheme that was originally set up by Kent Fire and Rescue, but is now delivered across the country by Fire Services and talented volunteers (some from IAM RoadSmart). This three hour course will help give you the confidence to make a difference. I was fortunate enough to attend the Road Safety Experience Centre in Rochester where the Kent team did just that.

No matter what your background, and I have seen an accident or two, the message is pitched just right to make you realise that your actions may be critical. The enthusiasm is apparent as is initial actions; first aid and the science of being seen are cascaded down to an audience that have the opportunity to participate. The serious messages are delivered in such a way that they stick! And I’d like to thank the team for delivering these messages so well.

I hope it never happens, but if I am lying in the road and I hear a voice say: ‘Hello mate look at my hand, I’m Paul and I have done a ‘Biker Down’ course’, I will already start to feel re-assured. Now here’s a thought, if you don’t ride a bike but you drive a car – you may be the one that drives into such a scenario. And if you wanted to help, the Biker Down team would be happy to receive your an emergency. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a rider or a driver; the training is suitable for all!

Just google Biker Down or search them on Facebook and see where you can sign up, you seriously won’t regret it. And ‘do tell them your name Pike’ it might just save a life!