Formula for Happiness

Blog post posted on 29/07/16 |

‘Always make sure you spend less than you have in the bank,’ to sum up Charles Dickens’ character Wilkins Micawber's thoughts on budgeting. This can be extended to always make sure what you spend delivers what you are trying to achieve: a good look, a full tummy or a great service.

IAM RoadSmart has spent the last few months ensuring those who spend their cash with us, whether an individual or a business, get great value for money and a return on their investment. So it was gratifying to hear a practical example of a good achievement by one of our customers who has experienced our new Driving for Work course.

Our trainer, Pete Scott outlined the course to our learner and she expressed how surprised she was at the eco driving element, as she was expecting more emphasis on defensive driving. Interestingly this was the first driver training she had done since her initial driving test. How long ago that was remains unknown but is a general indication of all our approach to driving skills, once we have passed the test, we feel job done.

All IAM RoadSmart courses are designed to deliver maximum benefit, while also working with learners on specific areas of their driving they would like some help with. This was no different in this case as at the end of her course Pete checked that her needs were met as we do with all our products.

When the learner reviewed the reasons for the improvement, she said it was down to her improved:

  1. Observation: the ability to look further ahead.
  2. Anticipation: to work out what was likely to happen next.
  3. Planning: deciding what she had to do.

She left feeling this approach to driving would help her and her family keep safer as she drove.

What a result! Safer driving, a more engaged driver and a saving on fuel costs. Mr Micawber’s formula for happiness!

Lesley Upham, IAM RoadSmart's commercial director.