Let's support younger drivers

Blog post posted on 03/08/16 |

‘Stop, Look and Listen’ is a phrase that is constantly drummed into children at school but the momentum is often lost and does not always transcend into adulthood.

So when young drivers extend an olive branch and want to get involved with driving and road safety activities we would be would be foolish not to answer. In my last blog I talked about how we’ve been around for sixty years. In that time there have been significant changes in the way people learn and develop. Nowhere is this more true than for younger drivers and riders.

This age group plays a fundamental part in shaping good driving, riding and road safety as they are the future. 17-24 year olds are a great age to appeal to and mentor, as what we teach now can impact and save multiple lives.

However with this we must also remember that due to fewer years of experience they tend to be at higher risk. According to the Department for Transport, younger drivers are more likely to face issues relating to speed, recklessness or vehicle control. Setting the right attitudes for a safe and enjoyable driving career is important and this is where IAM RoadSmart comes in.

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By pioneering IAM RoadSmart young driver ambassadors such as Eloise Peabody-Rolf (pictured) we aim to combat these worries and dangers by creating confident drivers. Eloise has supported us on a number of opportunities over the last few months and I’m delighted to announce she will be joining us officially in September, to support our work with young drivers.

Over the coming months Eloise will be getting out and about, visiting groups and young drivers and riders around the UK, to build up a picture of the current situation. From this work she’ll be developing recommendations for head office and groups alike, on how we better attract and retain this vital audience.

In addition she’ll be using her knowledge and expertise gained from her background with the Under 17 Car Club to build a network of young members and observers. Eloise will also be an important public face for this audience and will support us in our communications and media efforts.

Eloise is vocal on the issues affecting younger drivers and said “being a member of our one of our partner organisations, the Under-17 Car Club, laid the foundation and helped develop her driving skills and moreover road safety knowledge.” This is key message we should be sharing. That preparing for the road should be as enjoyable as driving down the road. 

IAM RoadSmart will continue to make better drivers and riders but will also stand and be pioneers and mentors to younger drivers that need support through our various partnerships and events, such as the Borders under-17 driving day that allows young people of just 11 years upwards to drive a car, off the main road, with expert tuition. We’ve been making drivers safer for 60 years and plan to do so for the next 60.