What makes you sign on the dotted line?

Blog post posted on 06/01/17 |

First car aspirations are always the funniest. If you are like me, you dream without realisation of your bank account and expect the best car out there, something that can reflect who you are or want to be. My dream car is a BMW 1 series; a car of luxury, muscle and ego.

In many cases the first car you purchase is the one that you had your lessons in, due to familiarity and ease but style and brand have become great deciders before purchasing. So by this standard, mine should be a Ford Focus but the car fails to stimulate me. I guess a car to me should be a reflection of personality, as it should speak for you as you drive.

It has been reported from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), that 2.69 million cars were registered last year; 2% higher than in 2015. It said this is due "very strong" consumer confidence, low-interest finance deals and the launch of several new models. The argument is posed: why not have the best if you can afford it, why settle if you can afford to pay bit by bit?

I guess being a Londoner this is flawed as TFL and Ubers work out to be much cheaper compared to owning a vehicle and paying congestion charge once you reach the city.

To be fair I think the phrase stands ‘with age comes wisdom’. Studies from Money Adviser show that the youthful attraction of exterior imagery and car branding fall lower down the chain as you age, as the level of demand for family comfortability and safety become greater than style.  What was your first car and why? And if you could, would you change it?

Samson Ruwangu IAM RoadSmart digital content executive