The cost poor policies and procedures could have on your pocket! opinion piece by Tony Greenidge

Blog post posted on 04/06/21 |

This recent article in Fleet News highlighted the need for urgent changes to be made to support working drivers.

The lack of an appropriate company vehicle policy is likely to have been a contributory factor in some the underlying challenges faced by working drivers that were already prevalent before the lockdown restrictions.

With businesses looking to make a swift recovery from the pandemic this pressure could increase and our study paints a worrying picture for workers who drive for a living. The constant and potentially increased pressure to meet operational and financial targets causing fatigue and a negative overall impact on drivers’ mental and physical health.

Add in this week’s Fleet News story which raises the concern that without a robust policy and procedure in place there could be more pain for your employees and the employer’s pocket when dealing with whiplash claims?

Without the right policies in place employers could incur unnecessary costs if the driver fails to report the incident, doesn’t provide the right evidence to make a valid claim or delays reporting it, causing them to miss the 30-day deadline!”

Safety is key

The cost in time, money and health for both employer and employee can be significantly reduced through a raft of solutions offered by IAM RoadSmart. These include online and on road driver/rider training, setting fleet policy and general advice around best practice procedures.

When it comes to driving and riding we support all initiatives that focus on safety.