The Stars of Our Videos

Blog post posted on 01/03/23 |

Have you seen our new videos covering the courses we offer?

Everyone involved in the filming are IAM RoadSmart members, employees or people who have recently completed a course. If you’d like to find out more about those featured, their experiences and journeys with IAM RoadSmart then keeping reading!

SusanMeet Susan

Susan is IAM RoadSmart’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager, who recently took her Advanced Driver test. Driving for 21 years and having always loved cars, Susan was keen to rid her driving of any bad habits and fine tune her skills. Susan did exactly this and passed her course with a F1RST!

Watch Susan in the Advanced Driver video here.

JillMeet Jill

Soon after completing her Advanced Driver course, Jill took the next steps in her IAM RoadSmart journey and trained to become an Observer, gaining her Master’s qualification. Jill enjoys the freedom that driving gives you, and the ability to travel and explore without having to rely on other forms of transport.

Watch Jill in the Advanced Driver video here.

StephanieMeet Stephanie

After becoming an Advanced Rider, Stephanie’s journey didn’t stop there! Shortly after she was encouraged to become an Observer with her local group, which evolved into the Chief Observer role.

Read her full story here. Watch Stephanie in our Advanced Rider video here. 

ShobhaMeet Shobha

As a member of the Home Counties North group, Shobha first heard of IAM RoadSmart when her Mum expressed an interest. A few years later, decided to give the Advanced Driver course a go herself to gain more confidence. She has now been an Observer for 20 years.

Watch Shobha in the Advanced Driver video here.

AlexMeet Alex

Alex embarked on his Advanced Driving journey a few years ago passing with a F1RST. Alex then went on to become an Observer with his first two associates passing with a F1RST! He then went on to take his Master’s course, where he received a distinction. All in the space of a year!

Watch Alex in the Advanced Driver video here.

KazMeet Kaz

Kaz is a keen biker and freelance writer who has blogged every session of her Advanced Rider course with IAM RoadSmart, right the way through to her Advanced test. Read her full story here.

Watch Kaz in the Advanced Rider video here.

RonaldMeet Ronald

Ronald has been driving for many years, including extensive business driving in Europe. He states that he still enjoys the freedom and flexibility of driving, as it allows him to continue enjoying his love of travel and seeing new places. After finding our Mature Driver Review, he booked a session.

Watch Ronald in our Mature Driver video here.

JoshMeet Josh

Josh has always had a passion for the outdoors which includes travelling abroad on his motorbike.

He’s previously taken day trips on his bike to France, weekends in Bruges and last summer even rode through the Italian Alps.

Watch Josh in our Advanced Rider video here.

GaborMeet Gabor

Gabor has always been passionate about bikes since a young age. He’s been riding his motorbike for around 10 years and regularly rides in central London. His favourite aspect of riding is the flexibility for commuting and the exploration and adventure it brings.

Watch Gabor in our Advanced Rider video here.