Keep Motoring Costs Down

Blog post posted on 30/01/23 |

With the cost-of-living crisis impacting many of us, IAM RoadSmart is looking at ways motorists can keep costs down without compromising on safety. Making small changes to the way we drive or ride and look after our vehicles can add up to big savings.

Petrol and diesel prices may have fallen in December but with groceries and energy prices set to rise again this year, we’re all looking at ways to cut back and lower our motoring costs.

Shop around for insurance

Car and motorbike insurance can be one of the biggest costs when it comes to driving and riding, especially for younger people. Many of us will automatically receive a renewal quote from our current provider but it’s always worth shopping around.

When filling out your details it’s incredibly important to make sure the information you provide is correct. That includes what your vehicle is used for, your annual mileage, and where you choose to keep it overnight. All these factors can play a role in the quote you’re given.

IAM RoadSmart has been working hard with Cornmarket to give their members more opportunities to get a competitive insurance quote online at a time that best suits them. Or call Cornmarket on 028 9044 5052.

Prices at the pump

The cheapest fuel prices are typically found on supermarket forecourts, especially wholesalers like Costco. Some newer cars allow you to see the price of fuel on your infotainment screen. But if this isn’t the case then websites like can be useful to find the best prices locally.

It’s always worth remembering to scan those loyalty cards. Because the more you build up your points, the more money-off vouchers you’ll receive.

Wasting pounds on parking

The amount motorists pay to park tends to increase year after year. So maybe it’s time to check before you travel. Look at different apps, like JustPark. Which claims to make searching, booking and paying for parking stress-free. It might be convenient to find the closest parking spot to your destination, but it can be costly. Some places now provide free EV parking to reward people for their low emissions. And if it isn’t free then they may offer heavily subsidised fees instead.

If you’re popping to the shops and it can be done on your motorbike, then it might just be worth considering it. Parking in motorcycle bays is free and tends to be the best option. Look on the city council website to see where they are. Most will have a useful map to make life that little bit easier.

Preventative maintenance checks

Almost half of all MOT test failures that occur could be avoided, according to the DVSA. Motorists could be saving themselves a small fortune by carrying out regular maintenance checks at home. With simple things such as:

  • Checking oil and coolant levels
  • Ensuring lights are working
  • Make sure the tyre pressure and tread depth are safe before setting off on your journey.

IAM RoadSmart has a short video for all drivers and riders to help them carry out their pre-vehicle checks -

Drive gently when the car is cold

Did you know cars are the least efficient when they’re cold? If you drive quickly straight from start-up, you are increasing the wasted fuel and wearing the engine more in the process. However, newer engines are designed to operate from the moment they’re needed so warming the engine isn’t required.

Take an Advanced course

Driving and riding techniques are the most influential factor in fuel costs. If you aren’t in a position to update your vehicle, you may choose to take an Advanced Driving or Riding course. To make significant savings on fuel costs. An Advanced course will give you additional on-road knowledge and skills, above and beyond what is taught when you learn to drive.