• MOT myths

    MOT Myth Busters

    From MOT to road tax to insurance, there’s a lot to remember when running and owning a vehicle. Waiting for the result of an MOT test can be an anxious time, so it’s best to be prepared.

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  • How changes to the MOT could affect you

    How changes to the MOT could affect you

    With many people currently struggling with the cost of living the thought of parting with more money can be a painful one. When it comes to our cars the costs are creeping up, everything from petrol prices, road tax, and normal wear, and tear, but could new government legislation on the future of the MOT, help save us money?

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  • Mother's Day Blog 2023

    Shining a light on our female community this Mothers Day

    This Mothering Sunday IAM RoadSmart is looking to highlight all the strong women that take on that role. Mother’s come in all shapes and sizes including step mums, grandmothers, foster mums and even aunties.

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  • Aggressive Drivers

    Aggressive Drivers

    Most of us have come across aggressive drivers since we first got behind the wheel of a car or sat on a bike. People these days are in a hurry to get from A to B making the roads places often fraught with stress.

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  • St Patricks Day – The morning after

    Drinking alcohol - The morning after

    How would you know if you were fit to drive the morning after drinking alcohol? IAM RoadSmart, the leading road safety charity in the UK, is warning drivers of the dangers of driving with a hangover.

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