• Motorway

    Advanced Rider to Blood Biker

    Graham Bryson, tells his story from becoming an advanced rider to a blood biker - all whilst battling cancer. "Majority of the observers were blood bikers who made me aware of the charity and I realised I would like to be involved with the work they were doing."

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  • Motorcycle (4)

    "IAM RoadSmart training has almost certainly saved my life"

    After a serious road traffic accident and traumatic brain injury at age 29, why would you ever get back on a bike? It’s a question to ask Paul Batten who, despite a ‘pause’ of nearly ten years, not only got back on a bike but has recently passed his IAM RoadSmart Masters qualification.

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  • Motorcycle

    My route to Master's

    Richard Meredith writes about his journey to achieving the perfect ride. "In those days our fleet of coaches were predominantly Fords, so the local parts supplier was Don Everalls in Wolverhampton, quite a trip from Kidderminster - I did say no to collecting rear suspension springs, but I do remember fetching a coach radiator once."

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  • Pratt1

    An Unmissable Skills Day

    One member’s review of his experience on an IAM RoadSmart Skills Day. Running 13 Skills Day dates across the year, IAM RoadSmart use three race circuits including a mix of car and bike enthusiasts.

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  • Karen Allen 3

    Knowing no bounds

    "My first run report held a surprise for me; the word “outstanding” was used. After my second run, my Observer suggested I should book my test, unless… (he paused dramatically) unless I fancied an attempt at achieving a F1RST, in which case a few more runs should do the trick. I realised in that moment how much I had changed, how hungry I was to be the best I could be, and how could I ignore the dangled carrot of a F1RST?" Read the latest blog by Karen Allen here.

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