IAM RoadSmart and EyecarePlans - together we offer companies the best possible solution for managing driver safety and providing eye care.

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IAM RoadSmart and EyecarePlans

At IAM RoadSmart, we are passionate about making those who drive for work to be better, safer and more efficient.

In doing so, we help organisations run safer and more efficient fleets, saving them money, time and effort.

And did you know that one in three people who drive for work don't have sufficiently good eyesight to do so without visual correction? Informal research by EyecarePlans and its clients invariably identifies a number of employees unable to successfully complete a basic visual number plate test.

So, do your drivers have good enough eyesight to drive safely?

Help is at hand.  IAM RoadSmart and EyecarePlans have teamed up to provide companies and their employees with access to EyecarePlan Drive, providing attractive and affordable frames and lenses for those requiring some visual correction.

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