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Hangovers and excess calories aside – over-indulging is something to worry about in Dry January, right?

The other thing many of us do a lot of during December is drive, between friends and family members and back. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, the two don’t mix. Not like gin and tonic. Vodka and cranberry. Or rum and coke, say.

Nominate your Hero of the Road!

We know that being the designated driver can feel like a sacrifice. And at this time of the year, when the drinks are flowing, sometimes from dawn till midnight, staying sober isn’t always the most popular option. But getting your colleagues, friends and family home safely is one of the most important things you’ll do this Christmas. To recognise our heroes of the road we are running a competition from 5th December to 8th January.

To nominate your designated driver, tweet a photo of them to us@IAMRoadSmart, including a picture before or after your evening. The winner will get afternoon tea for 2 at The Savoy, London. And to round off the occasion, perhaps you’ll even offer to do the driving!

Our Christmas call to action

Evidence shows that Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses (DDRC) have a positive impact on reoffending rates and are very well reviewed by previous attendees. But at present drivers and riders convicted of drink offences must opt in to participating in them. Despite the guarantee of reducing a ban by up to a quarter, as well as producing demonstrable behaviour change 60% of people still don’t take this option. This year, IAM RoadSmart, a provider of DDRC, is calling on the Government to make these courses opt out rather than opt in, in order to improve education of this problem.


To recognise our heroes of the road, we're running a competition.

I’m Kevin. And I’m a drink driver.

Drink driving carries a lot of stigma and the accident figures speak for themselves. More than 5,000 people a year are killed or injured as a result of an incident involving a driver or rider over the limit. But what fewer people realise is just how easily that could have been them. As a provider of Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses we hear so many different accounts of how people came to be convicted. Here are five of those stories. Please feel free to download and share: