We make better drivers and riders
If you want to improve and get more enjoyment out of driving, as a Hull resident you can take a driving refresher course for just £15 (usual price £45). The course is offered by the IAM in partnership with the Hull City Council Road safety team. There are two courses to choose from:- 

The course delivers advanced driving stemming from the police’s Roadcraft driving manual, helping you to improve your skills, anticipation, and enjoyment behind the wheel.

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Developing and improving your skills as a young driver

You can pass your driving test without experiencing many of the challenging environments and situations that driving can throw your way. Momentum is an online and on road assessment that will help you develop your driving skills, identify areas for improvement and help you deal with unfamiliar driving situations. There’s no pass or fail as it’s not a test.

Any young driver just like you

If you’re under 26 years of age and looking to improve your driving then you’ll benefit from Momentum. You might be a new driver who wants to identify further areas to develop or someone who is looking to capture bad habits and take the first step to improving their skills. 

What do I get for my money?

An online and on road assessment

• Step 1 - The online assessment can be completed in the comfort of your own home before going out on the road. It helps to assess the environments in which you typically drive and gets a handle on your attitude to road risks.

• Step 2 - A 60-minute on-road, general assessment with a friendly IAM examiner. At the end of the drive you will receive a personalised feedback report plus the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

Driver Check

A relaxed one-to-one driver refresher

In recent years there have been many changes in vehicle and roadside technology, from increasing numbers of people on the road to new distractions in your car. Keeping up to date with this constant evolution has never been more important. IAM DriveCheck55 offers you an opportunity to have a relaxed and informed session with an IAM examiner who can support some best practice driving procedures and discuss any driving issues which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Anyone behind the wheel of a car

If you want to improve your driving and get more enjoyment then one of our DriveCheck55 assessments is for you. You could be a driver who wants to identify areas to develop, or someone who is looking to address any driving issues and take the first steps to improve their skills.

DriveCheck55 is also a great introduction to advanced driving, providing you with an insight into how this works and what you can achieve. Remember, there’s no pass or fail, just more confidence in your driving

What's included in the fee?

DriveCheck55 is a 60-minute assessment with a friendly IAM examiner, You will then be provided with an informative and comprehensive driving report plus the opportunity to ask plenty of questions..

How much does it cost?

The Advanced Driving usually course costs £149, but is just £135 for you. This includes as many observed drives as you need to be prepared for the test, the cost of the final test, a copy of the How to be a better driver handbook, and your first year's membership of the IAM.

Who are IAM Roadsmart?

We are IAM RoadSmart, the UK's leading independent road safety charity.

We exist to improve the standards of driving and riding on Britian's roads, and improve the standards of road safety across the country - primarily through delivery of the Advanced Driving test. We also deliver a range of other training and driving support, as well as informing and influencing government and key decision-makers.

We also have a business arm that delivers training and materials to help businesses meet their duty of care to employees. Profits generated from this are reinvested into our charitable operations.