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London Motorcycle Show exclusive RealRider App offer

If you are attending the London Motorcycle Show this weekend then use your exclusive App code for our amazing show Advanced Rider Course purchase offer.

Become a qualified advanced rider with IAM RoadSmart for just £134

A passion for riding is a wonderful thing. Whether you’ve always had it, you’ve rediscovered it or you’re new to it, that passion is something to be embraced.

Advanced Riding is about taking that next step. Whether it’s about challenging your own standards or reassuring a loved one who struggles to share your enthusiasm, our Advanced Rider programme will make you a better, more skilled and confident rider.

Just enter the code realrider16 in the promotional code box, when you checkout, to purchase a course for just £134 (usual price £149).

Alternatively call 0300 303 1134  quoting realrider16 to book your course. 

The programme teaches five phases of advanced driving; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration, so regardless of whether you’re navigating country lanes, busy roads, or tackling the challenging English weather, you have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is naturally part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages you to feel confident on the road, to make good progress, and to get even greater enjoyment from the experience.

Typically your course will last for six rides over a few months, however everything is tailored to you and your skill development. Once you are riding at advanced standard we'll invite you to show off your skills on our advanced test and then welcome you as a full member of IAM RoadSmart and a qualified advanced rider.

The benefits of being an advanced rider

The statistics speak for themselves. Participants of a recent study say that they:
  • Find riding more enjoyable (97%)
  • Avoided a specific accident or incident (61%)
  • Reported improved use of road space (94%)
  • Experienced the benefits of advanced riding (99%)
  • To read the full report into advanced riding, click here.

Just £134 for the complete course

Just £134 covers your costs. From your observed rides, to the course handbook, the Advanced Test fee and one year’s IAM membership, it’s all paid up front (a small additional contribution to the petrol costs of observers may be required by some local groups). We are able to offer this amazing price as all the riders who will help you develop your skills are qualified volunteers who donate their time and skill to helping others become better riders. Just consider that commitment, skilled riders volunteering to help you become a safer, better rider. They do it because they love it and they want all riders to be safer on our roads.