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As a Total UK employee simply quote total10 to receive your 10% discount on our Advanced Driver Course.

The course will encourage you to develop your driving skills and knowledge to advanced standard thereby helping you to improve your skills, anticipation, confidence and enjoyment behind the wheel. Book online or by calling 0300 303 1134 quoting total10.

What's Involved?

The course is based on a series of observed drives, leading to the Advanced Driving test, which is quality assured by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

Once you've booked a course, you'll be assigned to one of our 200+ local groups around the country. You'll be paired with an observer from your group, who will accompany you on drives and advise you on how to improve your driving to the advanced test standards.

The test lasts for about 90 mins and usually covers 30 - 40 miles along a variety of road types. During the test the examiner will thoroughly assess your driving ability according to the different road conditions. You'll negotiate various hazards and situations, utilising the skills and techniques that have been developed on the course.

What benefits will I get?

The main benefit of taking the course is becoming a safer driver - providing you with the skills, experience and understanding to quickly adapt to a range of situations.

The statistics speak for themselves. We asked 2,500 drivers who passed the Advanced Driving Test what benefit they’d seen. They told us that taking the Skill for Life course:

  • Improved their driving (99%);
  • Gave them greater awareness of other road users (90%);
  • Helped them avoid a crash (66%).

Passing the test also makes you a member of the IAM, which has a number of benefits - a year's subscription to our award-winning Advanced Driving magazine, and access to exclusive discounts.

How much does it cost?

The Advanced Driving usually course costs £149, but is just £134 for Total UK employees and family members. This includes as many observed drives as you need to be prepared for the test, the cost of the final test, a copy of our Advanced Driver Course logbook, and your first year's membership of the IAM.

Who are IAM RoadSmart?

We are IAM RoadSmart, the UK's leading independent road safety charity.

We exist to improve the standards of driving and riding on Britian's roads, and improve the standards of road safety across the country - primarily through delivery of the Advanced Driving test. We also deliver a range of other training and driving support, as well as informing and influencing government and key decision-makers.

We also have a business arm that delivers training and materials to help businesses meet their duty of care to employees. Profits generated from this are reinvested into our charitable operations.