Avoiding Collisions Seminar

Help your drivers avoid collisions by being prepared to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

  • Safer drivers, fewer crashes
  • Flexible classroom sessions
  • Drivers gain skills for life
  • Benchmarks for improvement
  • Overview

    Course overview

    No one wants to be in a crash, whether you’ve been driving for a few months or for more years than you care to remember. It’s why IAM RoadSmart’s Avoiding Collisions workshop is one of our most popular courses with large and small companies, charities and other organisations.

    The training is an ideal way to train your drivers to be better prepared to anticipate when something dangerous is about to happen and know how to avoid it. 

    Our relaxed training sessions are available for a full day (two workshops) or a half-day with up to 20 people. They are held in a classroom but they’re not heavy going. They even start with a quiz on the Highway Code and each part of the course, though informative, only lasts 10 to 15 minutes so attentions will definitely not wander. 

    The exception is 30 minutes devoted to COAST – concentration, observation, anticipation, space and time – and that’s because this is the main strategy your drivers need to learn. 
    All kinds of things can stop you from driving the COAST way, from sat navs to attitudes towards speeding and fatigue. They’ll find out how to deal with them too.

    After the course, your drivers will receive a handout about collision scenarios, to help identify who is responsible, and how their new awareness could stop it. You’ll be able to give them skills for life, show how your company cares about driver welfare and benchmark where your drivers could improve.

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    Our informal classroom sessions are informative, helping driver to develop a strategy to use inside and outside work.

    They’ll find out how to deal with everything from sat navs to speeding and fatigue.

    Better prepared drivers

    Give them skills for life

    Reduced likelihood of collisions

    Fewer insurance claims

    Show your company cares for driver welfare

    Benchmark where drivers can improve

    Handouts of collision scenarios to take away

    Half or one-day workshops to fit your schedules


    Interactive presentation and hard-hitting stats

    Drivers watch a presentation on the Highway Code

    Learn about COAST

    Discover concentration, observation, anticipation, space and time

    Handouts provided on collision scenarios

    Drivers work out who has responsibility

    Ideal for drivers of cat B vehicles

    This course can also be useful for drivers of all vehicle types..