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Aberdeen Advanced Motorists' Test Passes in 2019

Posted on 03/12/19 |

We would like to congratulate the following Riders and Motorists who passed their Advanced Riding or Advanced Driving Tests in 2019:

Advanced Rider Successes:
Apr      Gordon Drysdale
May     Phil Lamb                    (F1RST)
Jun      Ross Bradley
Aug     Mike Fraser
Aug     Richard Orr
Sep     Steven Barnes
Sep     Wayne Clarke
Sep     William Fraser
Sep     Gavin Lorimer  
Sep     Ben Robertson
Oct      Kenneth Henderson
Oct      David Kerr
Oct      Josh Lester                 (F1RST)

Advanced Driver Successes:
Mar      Lorn Murray
May     Thomas Amrik
Jul        Steven Barnes
Oct       Fiona Casely

National Observer Successes:
We are also very pleased to have 3 new National Observers in our team, all of who passed their IMI National assessments in October.

Phil Lamb       (Bikes)
Ken London    (Cars)
Tony Webb     (Cars)        

Well done and congratulations to all the successful candidates and their respective Observers whose efforts delivered these excellent results.  We hope we have another successful year in 2020.

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