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38th Annual General Meeting of Chorley Advanced Motorists

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Chorley Community Fire Station

Notice is hereby given by order of the Group Committee that the Annual General Meeting of Chorley Advanced Motorists will be held at 7.30pm at Chorley Community Fire Station, West Way, Euxton Chorley, PR7 6DH on Tuesday 4th October 2022,to enable the Trustees of the Group (Reg charity no. 518945) to present their Annual Report and Accounts for the year 2021/22 for approval by the Group Full Members and to conduct an election.

All Group Full Members, Associates and Friends are invited (but only Group Full Members may vote). A Member entitled to vote at the General Meeting may appoint a proxy vote in his stead. A proxy vote need not be a Group Full Member.

The full formal notification (including the agenda) can be found here. Copies of the 2021/22 Balance Sheet and Minutes of the 37th AGM will be available on the night or you can request a copy in advance by contacting us.