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After the course

After you complete the course, you may wonder what to do next with your new skills! There are a number of options, including :

- Become an observer, volunteer your time, just like all the people who have trained you throughout the course. There is a training program to build you up, so that you're not just put into the front seat on your own straight away. This programme will allow you to gain knowledge and experience and how to put it across to associates. There are nationally recognised IMI qualifications available at the end of the training. Please contact the secretary to discuss joining our training program.

- Join the committee! We rely on having people join the group committee and assist by bringing their personal skills to the group, this could be your ideas about the course, time to help promote the group, experience of websites, databases, project management, health and safety, etc, the list goes on! We have 10 committee meetings per year. If you are interested, please contact the secretary to discuss what is involved

- Come back for a refresher lesson! You are always welcome to return to the group at any time for a refresher lesson. We prefer it if we can plan in advance to ensure that we have enough observers available, so please contact the secretary to let us know that you're coming down if possible!

- Take your test again to try to get a F1RST grade. For a small fee, you could retake your test after some extra training to get that elusive F1RST pass with all one's on your score sheet. If you are interested, please contact the secretary to arrange extra training and booking your test. To find out more about the F1RST level, please click here

- Take the IAM Masters qualification. This is a course with the option of tutoring from a professional IAM tutor to get an exact score for the standard of your driving.

As you can see, there are many options after you pass the test, so please talk to us about them, we'd love to help you to maintain your driving standard.