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WANTED - Newsletter Editor

Posted on 01/07/16 |

Our Group Newsletter Editor, David Sheppard has retired after 9 years in the post.  Our grateful thanks go out David for his dedicated work.  He has served under six Group Chairmen, three Secretaries and three Membership Secretaries.

We now need a replacement from the group membership.  The job is a Committee post and consists of the following responsibilities:

1.  Serve on the Group Committee.  There are between 4 and 6 meetings per year.
2.  Receive editorial articles from group committee and membership.
3.  Collate the articles into a Newsletter using MS Word for issue every 2 months.
4.  Carry our final editing for Chairman's approval.
5.  Distribution is mainly via email, but there are a number of printed copies required. 

If you have basic competency in word processing and can spare a few hours once every 2 months, we would love to hear from you.

Please  contact the group secretary on