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Profile: Oakley Petts

Posted on 05/05/20 |

Profile: Oakley Petts

Oakley Petts Observer Profile

Local Observer
IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver F1RST

Observer based in Gloucester

Background in Driving

Oakley is a keen motoring enthusiast, and is always looking for new ways to upskill his driving. Oakley’s love for driving started nearly 60 years ago at Brands Hatch (where his cousin raced in Formula Ford), when he took to the track for a few laps, not long after passing his ‘L’ test. 

Oakley ventured into advanced driving in 2000 for medical reassurance and to refresh & improve his driving after discovering a growing tumour near the left inner ear and opting for surgery 22 years ago.

On return from living in Spain Oakley renewed his interest in IAM RoadSmart, now living in Gloucester rather than Worcester, and was recommended to become a group Observer – and really enjoys the challenge!

Outside Interests

On retirement, Oakley moved to Spain and enjoyed 13 years there, and became particularly fond of sailing.  Driving on the 'wrong' side of the road came naturally, and the Spanish road markings have huge advantages, so he tells us.

Cars have been a huge part of Oakley’s life starting with a side-valve Morris Oxford, and now currently driving a SKODA Karoq Edition.  What a difference!  Oakley wishes he’d kept his Ford Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth 2.0 4X4, after trading it in for a Volvo T5 Estate.  

Oakley loves working on cars and his mechanical expertise has helped him completely rebuild the engine of his MGB, and did much the same to a following Mini Cooper, fitting 1.5 inch twin SUs and loads of ‘go-faster’ bits.  However, the Cosworth era with computer managed engines and aircon etc stopped most of the self-service work.

Oakley is Chairman of a large target shooting club in Worcester, enjoys getting the most out of my allotments, and try with advancing years to enjoy every day.

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