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Nissan Leaf

An electric car has been booked for the evening! 
The vehicle will be a Nissan Leaf, the specification will be confirmed at the event.  As all new Leafs are fitted with what Nisan are calling an E-pedal, this allows the driver to brake and accelerate using one pedal removing the need for the brake pedal. Don’t worry, the vehicle still has a brake pedal and the system can be turned off, it should be a good talking point.  We hope to have use of the Leaf fitted with ProPILOT this is Nissan`s first step into taking some of the control from the driver in the right conditions.  Subject to the correct conditions the vehicle will follow the vehicle in front at a safe distance, brake and accelerate to maintain this distance, and increase the speed to overtake the vehicle in front with little or no input from the driver.  The vehicle could be driven hands free, but UK law prohibits this and the hands must remain in contact with the steering wheel and the vehicle has an interesting way of reminding you if you should remove your hands.

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