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About us

SAMM covers the whole of Shropshire, offering advanced driving and riding training and courses.

Shropshire Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists is a local group of the National Institute of Advanced Motorists based in Shropshire.

We are a charitable group completely run by volunteers who take no payment for their time.

However, like other local groups we provide a professional service for those who are interested in taking their driving or riding to the next level.

We aim to make driving/riding a more enjoyable and rewarding experience by giving you the skills you need to cope with today's driving/riding pressures. We can also tailor the courses to benefit the individual driver/rider, from people that wish to get more out of their car or motorcycle to those who just want to gain more confidence in their ability.

Also, along with the national IAM we are pushing a programme to encourage younger drivers/riders to take the courses and become involved in their local groups.

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