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SAMM social ride etiquette

Apr 2, 2018, 09:40 AM by Dave Duggan

countryside-2360038_1280You may be the person who gathers the group and reminds everyone of the following: SAMM etiquette for group riding, or be there as a participant. There are rules to be aware of on a SAMM social ride. They are there for the safety of all SAMM social ride participants. By taking part riders agree to adhere to these rules:


  • You are responsible for your own riding
  • You must be in control of you motorcycle at all times
  • You will adhere to all speed limits, and the nationalspeed limit. There is no need for you to take any risks to overtake or keep up with the group. Tail end Charlie will always ride to the slowest riders abilities, for whatever reason that may be.
  • Motorcycles MUST be taxed and where necessary MOT'd
  • You must have a driving licence and insurance for the machine that you ride
  • You are responsible to ensure your machine is safe, roadworthy and fully legal for riding on the road. The rider and pillion wearing appropriate safety clothing and footwear.
  • Overtaking within the group is permitted provided it is safe to do so and does not impede any other road user. Respect others on the ride.


We employ second bike drop off, so no one gets lost or left behind.

  • The ride leader will indicate where with a hand signal.
  • When marking a junction remain safe and be clear in directing the groupwith a clear arm signal. We always have a tail end Charlie.
  • If marking a junction you must wait for tail-end-Charlie before you move off (immediately in front of them ). This could appear to be a long time especially if the group is large and/or traffic is heavy.


This is a social event, neither SAMM its officers or the IAM can be held responsible for any injury or damage however caused. It is your responsibility to ride responsibly and within the law.



  • Please arrive on time with a full tank of fuel.
  • Exchange mobile phone numbers with ride leader / tail-end-Charlie.
  • At Junctions / Traffic Lights / Roundabouts etc. Where safe to do so. Close up and employ a staggered box formation. This allows more bikes to move off at once. Avoiding major delays.
  • If you decide to leave the ride. Or in the unlikely event you get lost. ALWAYS Contact the ride leader, or tail-end-Charlie, to let them know you are safe.


  • If in doubt, ASK.


Have fun.

Ride safe.