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SAMM Presents to The Widows Sons

Posted on 04/03/18 |

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SAMM Member, Peter Williams was so taken with the help provided by his observer (Dave Lowe) in obtaining a well deserved F1RST last year, that having recently taken on the Presidency of the Widows Sons (North Wales) Chapter,  kindly invited SAMM to present to the group membership.

So it was that Dave Lowe, Paul Collyer and IAM RoadSmart’s RSDM, Steve Ellis were made to feel exceptionally welcome as we talked about the benefits of Advanced Riding to a very engaged audience, many of whom had commented on the noticeable changes in their Presidents own riding style whilst out on their many social excursions.

The talk was well received, with Peter commenting  'the presentation was very well delivered and received by everyone in attendance without exception! 

Furthermore you, Dave Lowe and Steve Ellis have sparked a great deal of interest in the IAM, all that it stands for and the benefits of the advanced riding system. Irrespective of further uptake the word will be spread.’

Our thanks go out to Peter and the members for the invitation which led to two new members joining us on the day and the potential of an ongoing relationship with a masonic group that support a number of great causes .