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Green Number Plates

Posted on 01/01/22 |
Green Number Plates

One third of drivers don’t know what green mark on a number plates represent. Ideas expressed by some in a poll conducted by the AA ranged from; being allowed to park in green zones; the driver is an Irish national; drivers who voted for Brexit; people who were members of the Green Party.
In a survey based on 14,719 drivers almost one third did not know what green number plates represented more than six months after their introduction. However, six in ten did correctly state that the green slash on the numberplate indicated that this was a zero-emission vehicle.
The new numberplates were introduced in December 2020. Younger drivers were more likely to correctly identify this compared to the over 65s.
Drivers in Wales (59%) and Northern Ireland (54%) were least likely to give the correct answer, whilst those in London, perhaps due to the high density of EVs, were most likely to get it right (66%).

Article from the Traffic Safety Roads Newsletter

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