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In Car Technology - Allan Kelenfoldi

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The link between your tyres and the technology in your car.

Some of the most advanced technology on your car today is your tyres.

Your tyres are the gateway for the working of most of your car’s technology


In car dealer, 80% of tyres replaced are budget tyres rather than original equipment; why is this and what are the potential consequences?   How does your tyres and vehicle technology work in harmony?


We are very fortunate to have Allan Kelenfoldi as our guest speaker from IAM Ayrshire to talk to us about this exciting subject.   Allan has a vast experience in this topic; if you think a tyre is just a black, rubbery thing with squiggly lines, you cannot afford to miss this exciting presentation which will shed new light on this understated component on your car.   Allan’s presentation will be interactive, so be prepared to be asked questions as well asking questions.

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