Worcestershire Advanced Motorists


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Our aim is to give you a rewarding and satisfying experience while making you a safer, more accomplished driver and bringing the enjoyment back to driving. 

Whether you want to conquer your fears on the road, get the best out of your car, or you simply want to advance your skills and become one of the most qualified drivers on the road, our Advanced Driving course can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to know more, or arrange a free taster session, email us on contactus@iamworcs.org use the link below.  We will be happy to arrange a call with you, or just email back more information if you prefer. You can also leave a voice message on 07599 538987.

About Us

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Worcestershire Advanced Motorists is an independent charity, operating as an Official Provider of IAM RoadSmart courses. In practice, this means that our volunteer Observers are trained and qualified to exacting national standards. We are proud to be a part of IAM RoadSmart, whilst at the same time we can control our own social events, member benefits and promotional activity. 

We have a community of volunteers, giving our time to providing local activities. We welcome any Associate or Member who is able to volunteer for any of a wide range of activities. These include:

* Offering our Members regular refresher drives with one of our Observers. 

* Organising Group meetings, which are held regularly. They cover topics of interest to advanced drivers and provide an opportunity to socialise with like minded drivers.

* Publishing electronic Newsletters and also our “Radiator” publication, which covers areas of general interest to advanced drivers.

* Providing an opportunity for Members to take part in a range of interesting and lively volunteering activities, in areas which help to improve the safety of our local roads and give something back to the community and our organisation.

* And, of course, for Members, training to become an Observer with the Group and then passing their skills to our Associates.