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Ride Registrations

You will see below the names of people registered for upcoming Team 5 rides (the table will scroll in both directions). Registrations are arranged so that potential leaders are shown at the top of each list, and all others are arranged in groups of 5. If more than 5 "others" register then the second leader on the list is responsible for leading the second group and so on. The table will update every 10 minutes or so with new registrations and removals (refresh your browser window to see new data). 

Scroll down the page to see 2 forms

Use the 1st form to register your interest in joining an upcoming ride. Select your name, choose the Ride Date, then choose Ride 1 or Ride 2 and if you are prepared to lead a ride, click the Yes checkbox. Or if this is a request to remove your name from a list for which you have previously registered, click the Remove checkbox. When you're done, click Submit.

Use the 2nd form to register your interest in organising and leading a ride, for a future date. The details you provide will be added to the ride registration form and to the Team 5 calendar on the date you have specified which will automatically email all T5 members 

Team 5 is providing 2 primary meeting points as before, for the winter riding each Saturday, but the facility remains to have a 2nd or 3rd leader who can decide to go to a destination of their choice.

If there is more than one group of six gathering at the same meeting point, groups must not intermingle but stay at least 50 metres apart and if following a similar route, at intermediate stops and at the end of the ride.

We need to remember that group mingling is currently against the law and we all risk prosecution if we don’t comply.

And of course we need to maintain the 2 metre rule at all times.

NOTE - Facility disabled during lockdown from 4th November