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Hello and Welcome to Team5.. the Team 5 Home web page. After joining YAM and passing the test, you will no doubt be scratching your head and wondering what now.

But YAM is not just about training. YAM has a fun social side to. T5 is part of YAM and is not just any group...oh no, T5 is a friendly bunch and it’s THE place to chill and contemplate great rides, talk bikes, find new friends and keep old ones, to hone your new found biking skills, practice your technique, building your confidence and make your biking experience even more enjoyable.

We meet at Squires Cafe every Saturday morning along with the rest of YAM. There’s always a ride planned or an impromptu one, or you can just come for a coffee and chat. We also plan a good day’s ride out every month on a Sunday, the 'Social Ride', open to all YAM and IAM members and their partner/friend pillions taking in the greatest roads, wonderful countryside & cafés our area has to offer.

All our rides have a leader and back marker, utilise the "second man drop-off" system for marking the route, and members are full briefed before we set out. We also ask all members to acquaint themselves with the Team5 Risk Assessment for organised rides, a copy of which can be seen by clicking here

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