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Invest in your drivers, improve their safety and reduce the risk of incidents with our comprehensive courses and seminars tailored to the needs of your organisation. With a choice of full or half-day sessions, all are flexible to fit with your schedules.

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Driving for Work

Reduce operating costs

Fewer insurance claims

Help drivers to be less stressed

Safer, more efficient fleet

Manage your driver risk with us

Make your business a safer place to drive. Start your risk management programme today.

On-road training

A range of business on-road training courses designed to increase skill, efficiency and safety.

By providing company drivers with the appropriate skills required, organisations can ensure they meet their legal obligations while providing training of the highest standard.

On-road training courses:

Driving for work course

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Fewer insurance claims
  • Help drivers to be less stressed
  • Safer, more efficient fleet

Run a more efficient fleet by improving driver behaviour, reducing accidents and downtime.

Confidence Post-Incident

  • Improved driver confidence
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Less downtime  
  • Report on development

Instil confidence behind the wheel after an incident - for fleet drivers and those who drive for work.

Driving Funeral Vehicles

  • Fewer expensive repairs
  • Tailored training
  • Reduction in vehicle damage
  • Lower insurance

Our course is about helping your specialists to drive safely, reducing expensive vehicle damage and repair time.

Funeral Vehicles - Confined Spaces

  • Reduce the risk of damage
  • Lower vehicle repair costs
  • Tailored training
  • Spend less on insurance 

The Driving Funeral Vehicles course includes practical instruction on manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Eco-Driving (EST accredited)

  • Save on fuel and CO2 emissions
  • Supports environmental aims
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Provides benchmark report

Our qualified experts will teach your drivers to save fuel using eco-driving techniques.

Familiarisation with UK Driving

  • Options to fit busy schedules
  • Safer drivers, fewer accidents
  • Reduced costs from damage
  • Satisfies your duty of care

As a foreign national, driving in the UK can be daunting. This course introduces drivers to UK road regulations and scenarios.

Driving for work (Fast Track)

  • Dedicated 1-2-1 training
  • Advanced driver qualification
  • Fast and efficient
  • Perfect for fleet drivers

Run a more efficient fleet by improving driver behaviour, reducing accidents and downtime.

Toolbox talks

We have developed a range of 12 interactive Toolbox Talks which can be delivered up to 20 drivers at a time.

Toolbox Talks are the ideal way to provide your drivers with short, focused briefings on driving-related topics, helping to raise awareness and the understanding of key areas of risk.

Toolbox talk courses:

Toolbox Talks

  • Short talks – easy to schedule
  • Improves road safety skills
  • Lowers incident rates
  • Reduces insurance costs

The toolbox offers a ‘pick and mix’ choice of 12 subjects that can easily be fitted into your schedules.

Group workshops

We have developed 5 interactive workshops that can be delivered up to 20 drivers at a time.

Group workshops are the ideal way to provide your drivers with group-based, detailed briefings on driving-related topics, raising awareness and identifying key areas of risk.

Group workshop courses:

Alcohol Awareness Seminar

  • Lower your reputational risk
  • Reduce driver downtime
  • Safer, more effective fleet
  • Alcohol myths debunked

Drink driving can impact your business and your drivers – change behaviour and reduce risk.

Avoiding Collisions Seminar

  • Safer drivers, fewer crashes
  • Flexible classroom sessions
  • Drivers gain skills for life
  • Benchmarks for improvement

Help your drivers avoid collisions by being prepared to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

Speed Awareness Seminar

  • The dangers of speeding
  • Creates safer drivers
  • Reduces incident rates
  • Spend less on insurance

A collaborative course where drivers work together to learn the consequences of speeding.

Night Driving For Work

  • Flexible training – fits into work
  • Boosts awareness of risks
  • Enhanced driver behaviour
  • Lower incident rates/insurance

Supporting drivers to improve their night driving skills helps you achieve a safer more efficient fleet and reduces insurance costs.

Winter Driving For Work Seminar

  • Better appreciation of risk
  • Safer driving, fewer collisions
  • Less stressed drivers
  • Reduced costs from damage

A informative seminar for all drivers of company vehicles to help them stay safe on the road during the winter months.

Online products

Essential, convenient and cost-effective online checks and assessments for all your drivers

Do you know what your fleet's risk rating is? Do you know whether your drivers are legally entitled to drive their vehicle? You can find out easily with our range of online driver risk assessments and licence checks.

Online learning courses:

Risk Assessment

  • Prioritise at-risk drivers
  • Independent verification of risk
  • Online – easy to fit into work
  • Health and safety compliance

This independent assessment helps organisations with five or more employees to identify and control driver risk.

Licence Check

  • Takes just five minutes online
  • Instant licence checks
  • Receive comprehensive reports
  • Identifies those at risk

Our online Licence Check gives you instant reassurance at the click of a mouse.

"We have seen accident rates decrease by 38%..." 

Your fleet can benefit from fewer accidents and reduced costs with our Driving for Work course.

Reduce your ban and get back behind the wheel up 25% sooner 

Our drink drive rehabilitation course gives the advice and support you need.