Tailored training to help your business

Some company drivers are at greater risk of an on-road incident occurring. This could be down to bad driving habits, high risk driving environments or the type of vehicle. Whatever the reason, IAM RoadSmart business courses will address these issues and can be adapted to help your business protect its drivers, costs and reputation.

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Our courses

Our comprehensive range of on-road training programmes suit any business, but can also be adapted with the help of our specialist training team.

Popular courses:

Driving for work course

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Fewer insurance claims
  • Help drivers to be less stressed
  • Safer, more efficient fleet

Run a more efficient fleet by improving driver behaviour, reducing accidents and downtime.

Alcohol Awareness Seminar

  • Lower your reputational risk
  • Reduce driver downtime
  • Safer, more effective fleet
  • Alcohol myths debunked

Drink driving can impact your business and your drivers – change behaviour and reduce risk.

Avoiding Collisions Seminar

  • Safer drivers, fewer crashes
  • Flexible classroom sessions
  • Drivers gain skills for life
  • Benchmarks for improvement

Help your drivers avoid collisions by being prepared to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

Speed Awareness Seminar

  • The dangers of speeding
  • Creates safer drivers
  • Reduces incident rates
  • Spend less on insurance

A collaborative course where drivers work together to learn the consequences of speeding.

Toolbox Talks

  • Short talks – easy to schedule
  • Improves road safety skills
  • Lowers incident rates
  • Reduces insurance costs

The toolbox offers a ‘pick and mix’ choice of 12 subjects that can easily be fitted into your schedules.

Eco-Driving (EST accredited)

  • Save on fuel and CO2 emissions
  • Supports environmental aims
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Provides benchmark report

Our qualified experts will teach your drivers to save fuel using eco-driving techniques.