Slow slow, quick quick, slow!

Blog post posted on 29/04/16 |

Nigel Mansell CBE - IAM RoadSmart president

I am delighted to be writing a blog on the first week of business for IAM RoadSmart, the new identity of the IAM.

Having been President of the IAM since 2006, I know exactly what the IAM and now IAM RoadSmart stands for – it’s about making better drivers and riders, who importantly are more confident and enjoy using the road more.

I was fortunate enough to make a living from driving, and to do it at the highest level. But you out there have a task that’s just as challenging.

More than 1,700 people a year die on the roads in the UK. Most of us will never have the pain of being involved in a fatal road crash. But we can all play a part in making sure the chance of that happening are kept as close to zero as possible.

That’s the serious stuff. Now let’s move onto the next aspect of IAM RoadSmart.

Unlike my career, you won’t encounter the likes of Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna on your commute – however good some might think they are.

And for those people who think they are boy racers and think they are justified in showing that on the road, you can demonstrate you know better. True intelligence behind the wheel is not about showing how fast you can go – restraint and caution often gets a better result than pure speed.

In short – let the boy racer go off ahead. Don’t involve yourself in someone else’s problem.

And if you, in the words of Mr Tom Cruise, feel the need for speed, then take yourself off to one of the UK’s fine race tracks and show how good you really are at a track session. Indeed IAM RoadSmart holds its own called Skills Days during the summer and autumn months.

Enjoyment on the road can come in many different forms. But the watchword when it comes to speed is …make sure you pick the right piece of tarmac for the occasion!