• keeping your distance

    Keep your distance: Safety tips from IAM RoadSmart

    While many of us are staying off the road at the moment due to Coronavirus restrictions and social distancing, for those who do need to drive or ride on essential journeys, Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding at IAM RoadSmart, offers some practical tips on stopping distances, to help make sure drivers and riders who are on the road avoid the risk of collision.

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  • JAG

    When opportunity and passion collide: the journey to IAM RoadSmart

    James Hall, IAM RoadSmart’s Director of Sales and Marketing shares the story of his life-long love for cars and bikes. "My passion for cars and motorbikes started at a very young age and has been heavily influenced by my father who is ex-military and slightly obsessive about his cars. He’s the only person I know who would remove the wheels to clean the inside alloy as well as the outside!"

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  • IAM_CAR_STOCK_0045

    Keeping your vehicle in good running order: Practical maintenance tips for your car or motorcycle

    With COVID travel restrictions still in place across much of the UK and - even in regions where the rules have been recently relaxed – with many people choosing to stay at home more often, it can be easy to forget about your car or motorcycle. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding Standards at IAM RoadSmart shares some tips on how to help ensure your vehicle remains in good condition while it is not being used.

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  • stretched

    My other car is a ... Austin 1300 Panda Car

    There’s something about cars from the ’60s and ’70s – I’ve always fancied having one. In those days they had character. I wanted something different. Once they were a common sight, but these days only a few survive – including this one, now in the custody of IAM RoadSmart member David Walker, who talks us through his pride and joy.

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  • Animals on country roads

    Avoiding collisions with animals - tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Wherever you are travelling, a collision with wildlife of any species is something you’ll want to avoid – not only to protect yourself, your passengers, your vehicle and the other road users around you, but also our lovely British animals. Neil Greig, Policy & Research Director at IAM RoadSmart, has these useful tips to help you avoid colliding with wildlife when you are driving or motorcycle riding.

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