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  • pulled over

    Penalty point swap shop

    New FOI data obtained by reveals nearly three million motorists** currently have penalty points on their licence, with 70,158 currently holding nine points – just three points off a potential ban. Should 12 points be accumulated by a driver then they are usually disqualified from driving altogether. And according to additional research commissioned by the leading price comparison website, it’s clear that some drivers are willing to go to extreme lengths to rid themselves of the penalties and dodge a potential ban. One in 16 motorists (6%) have asked a friend or relative to take penalty points for them, with a shocking one in twenty (5%) motorists admitting to having actually paid someone to take their penalty points for them.

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  • driving and texting

    IAM response to TRL mobile phone usage survey

    A UK study by the Transport Research Laboratory into the prevalence of illegal mobile phone use while driving has been released this morning. The TRL said the data would give them a greater understanding of who is using mobile phones while driving and for what purpose, and how this can then be used to support future policy development.

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  • speeding on main road

    IAM shocked by the worst speeders in England and Wales – including 146mph on a motorway and 128mph in a 30 zone (2)

    The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has lifted the lid on the worst examples of excessive speeding caught on safety cameras across England and Wales in 2014. Britain’s two worst speeders were caught at 146mph, both by Kent Police on the M25. One was travelling anti-clockwise at Junction 5 at Clacket Lane Services, the other going clockwise at Swanley.

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  • services

    MP and road safety charity angry over motorway service charges

    Tired drivers should not have to pay to take a vital and life-saving rest at motorway service stations, an MP and a road safety charity have said.

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