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IAM RoadSmart has more than 60 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience of riding and driving. Below is a selection of helpful hints for all road users, as well as blogs and members stories from those within our community.


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  • electric car

    Debunking the myths about electric vehicles

    More people are planning to ditch the petrol and diesel engines in favour for an eco-friendlier electric option, yet myths surrounding the technology still exist. Whether it’s range anxiety, the charging infrastructure, or the longevity of the battery – many drivers are still wary of making the switch.

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  • Anxious driver behind the wheel

    The true impact of COVID on our roads

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been akin to a car crash for the UK’s health and economy. But collateral damage caused by the virus has also impacted other areas of people’s lives, including when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

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  • Empty road

    Save Lives, Think Green, Consider Others

    Pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions caused dramatic but short-lived improvements in air quality and drops in air pollution. COVID-19 transformed the way of life for millions worldwide and demonstrated the way in which people can adapt their lifestyles to improve the environment.

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  • Tram Car

    The History of the Electric Car

    Inspired by a letter in the IAM RoadSmart Magazine Peter McCree was keen to share his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge on the history and development of the electric vehicle. This first article looks back at the development and transition from steam.

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  • managing-overtaking

    Part Two: Highway Code Confusion

    Part two of the Highway Code Confusion includes opening doors without checking, road signs, and more. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving & Riding Standards & Product Development for IAM RoadSmart is on hand with lots of advice and guidance.

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Blog posts

  • 1

    Relaxed, well informed and in control

    Peter Burridge who is a motorcycle examiner, who has been an IAM RoadSmart member for 40 years delves into the finer aspects of motorcycle control. He says ‘This important area is not usually covered within the RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle course. It is something that I am passionate about and I’d like to share some thoughts and ideas.

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  • Busy Motorway

    Motorway Madness

    "There is a lot we can do as drivers to avoid accidents and road closures too." Advanced driver Struan Stevenson, columnist with the ‘The Herald’ (Scotland), shares some motorway madness stories with us.

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  • 4

    IAM RoadSmart Motorcycle Training Review

    Craig Shaw recently passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider test. Having enjoyed his experience, he put together a few words about his training journey and the positive experience and skills it gave him.

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  • picture 2

    A young couple advance together

    Jacob Dossett and Ella Pearson are a young couple from Lincolnshire who have recently become advanced drivers together. In this blog, they reflect on their advanced driving coaching experience and the benefits it’s brought.

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  • Sarah and car

    What does road safety mean to me?

    What does road safety mean to me? This is the question we asked Sarah Rajalingam when she joined the IAM RoadSmart team recently as Senior Communications Executive. Read on for her reflections after 10 years driving experience.

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