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I travelled down to Weymouth recently to join what I hoped would be an interesting evening - a BikerDown! course.

BikerDown! is a free three hour course which aims to teach attendees “some of the skills to help save a fellow rider’s life. These include securing the scene, stopping bleeding, calling for help and the best way to remove a helmet” plus the “science of being seen.”

The logic being that “bikers tend to ride in groups or pairs and it is usually the case that when a rider is involved in an accident the first person on the scene will be a fellow biker.” (

BikerDown! was developed by Kent Fire and Rescue Service in 2011, however it’s gaining support and being run in many areas across the country. The programme was set up in Dorset with the BikeSafe workshops and aims to make motorcycling safer.

The event I attended was run at the Safewise Centre in Weymouth by Dr Ian Mew, Dorset Police Medical Advisor and Air Ambulance Trauma Doctor and PC Chris Smith, Dorset Police Bikesafe Co-ordinator (QPM) & IAM RoadSmart examiner. It was sponsored by Bournemouth Bikes who supplied the first aid kits.

The evening allowed us to look at what to do in an emergency. It taught attendees not to be concerned about who is to blame when an incident occurs, but rather to focus on self-preservation.

The main objectives of the course was not to be a complete first aid course, but to allow the attendees to understand priorities when arriving at an incident with a biker involved.

Delegates went away equipped with an understanding of potentially primary life-saving actions. We also covered managing the scene to ensure that it is safe and preserved for later investigation.

Throughout the evening both Chris and Ian gave hints and tips which allowed the attendees to grow in confidence. We came away feeling that if we were in a situation where a biker needed help, we’d be prepared to step forward and help. They also put to rest some concerns raised by attendees including the fear of not wanting to cause more harm than good.

I think for me, as someone who isn’t a biker but who has previously completed first aid courses and has an active interest in road safety this course was invaluable!  It ‘pulled no punches’, was delivered in a straightforward and supportive way and really did give me that extra boost of confidence. I now feel much better equipped to step forward in an emergency. I could not recommend it more highly.

Chris and Ian have also set up ‘DocBike’  ( in Dorset. This is a unique project “putting a highly trained trauma Doctor on two wheels, working alongside local motorcycle police officers to deliver rider education through engagement and life-saving skills to roadside where and when it’s needed.” 

The DocBike project is enabled by charitable donations, with the support of both SafeWise and Dorset BikeSafe, and is working to spread the initiative nationwide.
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by Eloise Peabody-Rolf, younger driver ambassador