IAM RoadSmart’s Motorcycle Skills Day: what to expect

Blog post posted on 01/10/19 |

Have you ever been to an IAM RoadSmart Skills Days? I had the pleasure of going along to a Ladies Motorcycle Skills Day and was able to see first-hand what the day was all about.

Although I don’t ride, I have family members that do, so I’m always more aware of bikes when I’m driving.

Many people like myself wouldn’t have a clue what a Skills Day entails, and that’s why I’m here to give you a run down of the day, and if you own a bike you may be interested in attending the next one.

For the Ladies Motorcycle Skills Day our rider ambassador, Maria Costello MBE, attended to mentor our riders (who all were very excited to meet Maria!) and answer any questions they had.


 As IAM RoadSmart’s digital content executive, and it was my mission to capture the day through film and photography. I was able to see first-hand how our Skills Day had such a positive effect on the ladies that attended.

The day started with a briefing where attendees had a chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns they had. They were then allocated a group where they met fellow riders and received a breakdown of the day from their instructor.


When discussing the day with their mentors, and especially after their first ride on the track, it was obvious to see that many newbie riders did not know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised at how much fun the day was.

Throughout the day I saw so many individuals go from being nervous and hesitant, to confident with huge smiles on their faces. It was amazing to see how different groups of complete strangers were able to come together and offer advice and support one another.

This was my first time attending a track day, with a few other members from IAM RoadSmart’s head office, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left feeling incredibly happy knowing that our amazing team helped more people gain confidence in their riding. It surprised me to see the variety of people that came to the Skills Day, from new riders, experienced riders who have taken to the circuit before, IAM RoadSmart members and non-members. All of them left with a positive experience, with many asking, “When’s the next Skills Day?”


What will you learn on the day?

Subjects covered will include:

• Vanishing points, entry, apex and exit points. How they vary from road to circuit, why and how you should use them, and where you should position yourself for view, progress and safety, together with braking

• Where to brake, when and how much to brake. How it feels in an emergency and finishing on accelerator (throttle) application to set the balance of the bike for controlled smooth cornering

• Gear selection. How to decide which is the most appropriate gear for the circumstances and control

• How to use the accelerator/throttle to add stability to the bike when entering corners, blipping or constant accelerator techniques when changing down gears.

If you're interested in attending a Skills Day click here to find out more information.

By Jaimi McIlravey, IAM RoadSmart digital content executive