Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Blog post posted on 24/10/19 |

From 2003 until 2015 I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which affected my mental and physical health. I was pretty low for much of the time, and this affected my self-confidence and also my confidence on the road.

When the speed limits were reduced on a main route that I regularly used, I found myself intimidated by other drivers, feeling pressured to go faster than the set limit. Whilst I did not want to go any slower than previously, neither did I want to receive a speeding ticket and fine.

I would drive hunched over the steering wheel, feeling pressured, and driving somewhat over the new limit, but hopefully not enough to generate a ticket. I felt I was in the way, holding up traffic.

I saw a notice about a free assessment drive with IAM RoadSmart, which I did and then signed up to the Advanced Driver Course. I did the course and passed my test with a F1RST. Now I feel confident about adhering to the speed limit, be it 20, 30 or any other limit.   

I am now a confident driver and I’m no longer intimidated by other drivers. I have trained to be an observer with IAM Bristol, and so enjoy seeing my associates become confident advanced drivers. It is very rewarding and satisfying.

I am happy with myself and my achievements. Being well is such a gift which I never take for granted - enjoy every moment of my life.

By an IAM RoadSmart member and guest blogger