Join Biker Kaz on her IAM RoadSmart journey!

Blog post posted on 02/09/22 |
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At IAM Roadsmart, we absolutely love hearing from people who have taken part in one of our Advanced Courses. That’s why we were so excited when Biker Kaz got in touch with us to share her experience.

Biker KazKaz is a biker and freelance writer who has been passionate about bikes for many years now. She has also been across the UK and Europe on many biking holidays, taking her love of bikes across the world.

For this series of blogs, we are going to be following Biker Kaz on her journey through our Advanced Rider Course. We will be with her all the way from her Taster Session to her final test, so stay tuned on this page over the coming weeks to find out more about Biker Kaz and hear her share her story!

Blog #1: The Taster Session

After meeting Ian, who asked if she was interested in an Advanced Riding Course, Biker Kaz is joining him for her Taster Session. Check out the first blog in our series here.

Blog #2: First Observed Ride

That’s the Taster Session done! Now, let’s join Biker Kaz during her first observed ride with instructor, Ian. Check it out here.

Blog #3: Second Observed Ride

After some initial nervousness, Biker Kaz is now feeling happy and confident with being observed. It’s time for her second ride! Check it out here.

Blog #4: Third Observed Ride

Biker Kaz explains some of the theory behind the Advanced Rider Course and gets started on gears during her third observed ride. Check it out here.