• Empty road

    Developing new skills to boost concentration

    At 24 Rebecca had been driving for several years, so what did she gain from taking the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Course last year? Confidence, more enjoyment out of driving, improved observation skills and tools to aid concentration.

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  • motorbike

    Tips to staying cool this Summer

    Warm, sunny weather and long days make summer an ideal time for motorcycling. But with parts of the UK already seeing temperatures of over 30 degrees, IAM RoadSmart is warning motorcyclists to be prepared before setting off on those summer rides and know how to keep your cool this summer.

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  • older drivers background

    The Mature Driver Review with Sue Cole

    A 26-year-old Sue Cole passed her driving test on her third attempt in 1986 and has enjoyed driving ever since. Since retiring, she's spent many years working at a girl’s school in Worcestershire, where she was often behind the wheel of the school minibus four or five times a week taking students to and from trips. You can read Sue's full review here.

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  • FlipFlops

    Avoid the fine in flip flops

    It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to our winter coats and start digging out our summer wardrobe –many of us might start wearing our comfy flip flops once again.

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  • Smart motorways - IAM RoadSmart response

    Evolving road laws

    Road law continues to evolve, and this year we’re seeing some significant changes that will affect millions of Brits. Let’s look at the recent and imminent changes and how they could affect us.

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