• Bill Smith's Tribute

    Paying tribute to WaBAM’s Bill Smith

    IAM RoadSmart’s 180 local groups rely on the dedication of their volunteers, and we are grateful to every one of those members around the country for giving us their time and expertise and always deeply saddened when we lose one of the IAM RoadSmart family.

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  • mini bob

    Bob Natton and the Magnificent Emergency STOP!

    In this story, Bob (a 50-year member with IAM) talks us through his driving experiences, favourite car, how IAM RoadSmart helped him and what he loves about being an IAM RoadSmart member.

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  • Asset grab (1)

    Clive's Story

    Our latest IAM RoadSmart member story involves Clive and his passion for motorcycles which he rediscovered through learning new skills at IAM RoadSmart. Read how IAM RoadSmart gave him the skills to go from rider to observer and how his journey led him to being an award winning Volunteer.

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  • IAM_BIKE_STOCK_0001_Motorbike wheels lined up

    Racing queen revisited

    Eddy Lambah-Stoate, passionate IAM RoadSmart member, motorbike enthusiast and content creator, shares his passion about all things on two wheels. This article retells an experience from 2018.

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  • Motorbike nature

    Mental Health and IAM RoadSmart Champion

    Stephen Carr’s latest achievement is completing and passing his Mental Health First Aid course and becoming a registered volunteer with the charity. Read all about his journey here.

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