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  • Ride road Rider

    Riding with a ‘Ride’ Journalist

    Mark Anstey Chief Observer Chelmsford & District Advanced Motorcyclists (CaDAM) takes journalist Jon Urry for a taster 'Ride', as an introduction to IAM RoadSmart's Motorcycle training.

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  • Drink driving

    None for the road – Myths of drink driving

    Did you know that any amount of alcohol can take you over the limit? It varies from person to person due to age, weight, gender, and metabolism. It also depends on type of alcohol, time of day, hydration, and fatigue levels.

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  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

    Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

    This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week precedes the Government’s next step on the Roadmap out of lockdown restrictions. Step Three means from 17th May we can start to venture out more and see more people.

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    Empowered Through Grief

    After 12+ months of lock down people's driving skills are very rusty and there is a sense of increased urgency to get places. To support and avoid a spike in road traffic accidents, Paul Oxborough, Founder of Mental Health Motorbike joined forces with Heidi Limbert from Bristol Advanced Motorcyclists to deliver a talk to IAM RoadSmart Solent on Enjoying a Smarter Ride encouraging members to check they are in the correct headspace before riding.

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    Penalty Points and bad driving habits

    A recent Freedom of Information request to DVLA by IAM RoadSmart revealed everyday bad driving habits, ignorance or judgement errors are putting too many drivers on the threshold of a ban. 92,000 motorists are currently at risk of losing their licence as they are dangerously close to the 12-point ban threshold. It's never too late to re-educate yourself and break any bad behaviour. Here are 10 hints and tips around the most common errors or habits that lead to mistakes.

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