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  • Animals on country roads

    Avoiding collisions with animals - tips from IAM RoadSmart

    Wherever you are travelling, a collision with wildlife of any species is something you’ll want to avoid – not only to protect yourself, your passengers, your vehicle and the other road users around you, but also our lovely British animals. Neil Greig, Policy & Research Director at IAM RoadSmart, has these useful tips to help you avoid colliding with wildlife when you are driving or motorcycle riding.

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  • Dashcam

    A picture paints a thousand words. Dashcam tips from IAM RoadSmart

    There is no doubt that dash-cam footage is invaluable in exposing scam claims and can be of benefit when it all goes wrong. IAM RoadSmart’s Richard Gladman, Head of Driving & Riding Standards shares some simple essentials to consider if you are fitting a camera to your car.

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  • AdobeStock_264914259

    Tips: Driver assisted technology

    Last week a new grading system for assisted driving systems was launched by Thatcham Research and Euro NCAP which is designed to give consumers a clearer understanding of the driver assistance on new vehicles. Tim Shallcross Head of Technical Policy and Advice for IAM Roadsmart shares some tips with us about assisted driving technology.

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  • Car wash

    Getting your car squeaky clean. Tips from IAM RoadSmart

    As summer has drawn to an end, giving your car a good pre-winter wash down maybe one of the things you want to tick off your to-do-list. IAM RoadSmart’s Richard Gladman, Head of Driving & Riding Standards gives us some handy tips on getting our cars squeaky clean.

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  • BLA animation ambulance smart motorway emergency corridor

    The sound of sirens – Tips on how to help the emergency services

    In support of the recent Emergency Services Day, IAM RoadSmart’s Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding standards, has some tips to remind drivers and riders how to reduce the risks we face in these situations, aid the emergency services, and make the road a safer place for us all.

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