How to become one of our F1RST members

Our IAM RoadSmart F1RST Register recognises excellence during our advanced driver or rider tests. 

Members will receive a special certificate complete with the F1RST logo. Their names are also entered into the F1RST register.

How to get on the F1RST Register

F1RST membership is attained by taking the advanced test for car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle and achieving a score of 1 in every* category.

Existing IAM members may take a Member's Assessment in order to try and achieve the all 1s score*.

Drivers and riders who hold the equivalent of a police advanced qualification may join the IAM and will be awarded F1RST status

* Our Examiners have the discretion to recommend a candidate even if they score a '2' in no more than three categories (however Legality and Slow Manouevring must score a '1')

* Commentary is not part of the motorcycle requirement for a F1RST.

This is how you could become a F1RST member